December 10 2017

You Will Not Believe These 5 Tips That Will Help You Pass Your Finals by Guest Blogger, Jane Grates

The finals are here! You had promised to follow your schedule straight to the letter.

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. In fact, the first time you checked your schedule was the last time you checked it.

The exams are around the corner and you have kicked into panic mode. But wait, all is not lost. After all, it’s better late than never.

The following 5 tips will help you pass your final exams. Have a look knowing that time is ticking!

Set a goal

Setting a goal is the first step in the right direction is acing your finals. You can start by setting realistic goals that you can reach. This may include being able to determine and setting aside a certain amount of time for studying. You can go further ahead by ensuring each study session has specific goals like thoroughly understanding the topic at hand to the extent you can answer any question or teach your peers without a hitch.

Avoid negativity

Most students sitting for their final exams experience a lot of negativities.This negativities may be a result of inner-self mistrust, lack of motivation from peers, long-term sickness etc.

If you are sitting for finals, you need to have a defense mechanism to overcome such fierce factors. Having self-respect is one excellent way of overcoming. This is because if you have a weird way of disrespecting yourself there is a higher chance your reaction stressor will be negative. Remember, all the negativity lies in your mind and engaging with people with positive minds and positive vibes goes a long way.

Eat and drink water lots of water

A healthy meal translates into a healthy body and mind. You are expected to live a healthy life before you start exams. This can be easily achieved by eating a balanced diet (proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins).

Enough water in the system does magic in igniting your body to function efficiently. In fact, while studying it helps in keeping the body in good shape and hydrated. Last but not least, Eating fruits like apples and berries also help in lowering the toxic levels in your bloodstream and improve memory functioning.

Avoid last minute rush

As a students should maximizing any time that you have helps avert last minute rush which causes panic. It is advisable to face the examination with a lot of composer and confidence, contrary with a pre-conception that failure isn’t an option.

Improper preparation leads to last minutes rush in a bid to seal the many loopholes created as a result of unpreparedness. For instance, you may have heard of candidates sneaking foreign or unwanted materials in the exam room which can lead to permanent disqualification from the institution

So what students should do is make sure they have a timer or a watch to ensure they manage their time and use it wisely. This is to ensure they’ve covered the whole course thus eliminating this rush threat.

Be honest with yourself

Stay true, be true, and live true throughout your studies. By being true to it means that you are able to determine the subjects you are weak in and your strongholds. Thus, this will help you put an extra effort on your weak subjects. If you think that you are probably weak in everything, that’s absolutely false. Your best bet is to consult your teacher for career guidance.

You also need to know your limit point so that you don’t overwork your mind. Remember all this culminates to saving your energy and strength when the time of tackling exams when it comes.

In conclusion

Passing your finals is not a do or die affair. Neither is it a matter of casting the dice. It takes a lot of physical and mental preparation. We hope the above tips will help you get more organized as you wait for your finals. REMEMBER…The key to passing lies in the preparation and nothing else. If you have goals why should you fail?


Author’s Bio:

Jane Grates is an award-winning web lover and the Co-manager of  several health and home sites like Runnerclick, The Fitbay and Janes Kitchen. Travel scholar. Writer. Health enthusiast. Food and health practitioner.







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