17 November 2015

Ximena Iglesias

Ximena (pronounced C-mena), but really, call me Z.

I am originally from Lima, Peru, but call Boca Raton (SoFlo) home. Naturally, the beach is my place to be. I am currently a Junior at Florida Gulf Coast University (aka Dunk City) studying to achieve a Bachelors in Social Work. When I’m not buried in a text book, I enjoy watching police dramas like Special Victims Unit.

About me: I love anything high intensity & I’m very into fitness! You can find always catch me creating my own choreography, jamming out (ideally to Spanish music), dancing to my own beat teaching Zumba. Oh, I’m also an avid Cross fitter, can’t forget that!

Fun fact; I have a schnauzer and she’s sassier than most people.