February 25 2016

#ConnectToConfidence At Work by Hillary Macias

Starting a new job can be a very intimidating thing, but also equally exciting! You’ve just started a whole new chapter, and you are starting with a blank slate. It’s normal to be nervous on the first day, maybe even through your first week while you’re getting into the swing of things. A good mantra to live by is to strive for perfection, and settle for good enough. You won’t be perfect at every task you do in your new job, and there will be days when you slip up. But going through the hard days builds character and confidence. There are so many easy things you can do to stay confident in your job and continue to love what you do!
Confidence Tip #1: Fake it until you make it!

fakeittilumakeitgiphyThis may sound strange, but like I mentioned, you won’t always be perfect at everything you do in your job. But you shouldn’t be expected to know exactly what you’re doing right from the start. So what do you do? Give off all the positive vibes, and act confidently when attempting new tasks. Co-workers will be more apt to trust in your abilities, and you will realize how smart you truly are and all of the great skills you have to offer.

Confidence Tip #2: Recall Success!

successgiphyNever focus on the negatives in your job, instead always remember the successes, whether big or small, that you have achieved in your job. Maybe you completed a challenging project, met a tight deadline, or simply got to work early and got a head start on things for the day. So give yourself a pat on the back.  It will do wonders for your self esteem.
Confidence Tip #3: Don’t be afraid to ask questions!

questionsI am the queen of asking when I don’t understand or am unsure of something. Putting your pride aside and having the confidence to ask for help where help is due speaks wonders for your character. Instead of doing tasks incorrectly and lowering your confidence, simply ask for clarification when you are unsure of something.

Confidence Tip #4: Try out new skills!

try something newThis one is great and will add some diversity to your job. As long as it’s allowed, don’t ever be afraid to take on new tasks or projects.  Just doing this will boost your confidence and will remind you that you aren’t just good at what was listed on your job description. Watch what your coworkers do successfully, and aim to mimick it. Focus on useful skills like customer service, time management and productivity, or learn something new that will help specifically with your job.
Confidence Tip #5: Be nice to yourself!

love yourselfNo one ever got anywhere by beating themselves up over not doing something correctly or well enough in their mind. Focus on the positives in every day, and always talk to yourself kindly. Encourage and reward yourself, because there’s never anything wrong with a post-work cup of your favorite latte!
No one is perfect, and there’s no reason we should be! But following these simple tips can help you maintain confidence in your job every day. Because after all, always remember: You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.


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  1. Great advice Hillary!! The old saying was, “Don’t ever let them see you sweat”!! Always act with confidence, and never be afraid to ask for help or clarification.

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