April 9 2016

Wonder Woman: Feminist Fighter, Princess & Superhero-ine

Batman vs. who? Move over boys, it’s a woman’s turn to take the spotlight. Now don’t get me wrong, of course I’m excited to see Batman vs. Superman. But what I am excited, beyond words, for is the appearance of


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  She’s the day one bae. OK. I am done using slang, I promise.

Wonder Woman, otherwise known as Diana Prince, is DC Comic’s most famous heroine and feminist icon; she has it all — the looks, the wits, and the strength. Believe it or not, Wonder Woman made her debut 75 years ago in 1941.  She is modeled with super strength, just like Superman, along with positive female characteristics such as fairness and peace. She is finally making it to the big screen on June 23, 2017.


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According to Entertainment Weekly, “Wonder Woman will illustrate the transformation of a young Princess Diana into the greatest female warrior of all time.” What a wonderful example for women everywhere. Such a character can bring so much confidence to women.

Even my mom is excited. She would always talk about the series from the ’70s and how Wonder Woman had a lasso of truth, indestructible bracelets, a weaponized tiara and a magical sword, and even came from the Amazon, a place that was ruled by women. Holy moly!

I will most likely be seeing Gal Gadot this summer with Mom. Let us know if you are as excited to see a female superhero hit the big screen.

Xoxo, Z

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