January 24 2017

#WednesdayWisdom – From Your Mouth…To The Cash Register

Word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is definitely not a new concept. With the increase of social media involvement by millennials, the number one influencer of purchasing decisions, I think it’s safe to say that the way products or services are marketed has changed.

The picture of an image or the comment about a product is usually the first thing that people look at when they want to engage themselves in or buy something they are iffy about. That is why word of mouth marketing is having a huge impact. Word of mouth marketing takes place pretty much every time someone talks about your brand or organization, someone refers to your brand or organization or even when someone criticizes your brand or organization.

There are many advantages of using social media for word of mouth marking for businesses.

WOMM creates trust

One of the biggest reasons that consumers pick a product is based on the exchange of personal experiences and recommendations related to companies, products or services that prove that those products are highly valued. People turn to Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to report on their experiences.  These reports feel more credible than TV or print advertising. When you are being referred by a friend or see a review by someone who’s actually gotten the product or used the service you want, you are more likely to trust what they have to say.  You assume they were happy with their experience or that they provide reliable information that you otherwise wouldn’t have known before you make your decision.


WOMM Builds Brands

Building your brand is a very important thing, and is often harder for small business to do because there are already large competitors out there who may be well known. As stated above, using WOMM helps create trust, but it also builds a positive feeling about your product or service which could lead to increased sales because of product awareness. Most consumers don’t believe that companies tell the truth in advertisements anymore, but they trust what their friends have to say.

WOMM is Low-cost

WOMM is a low-cost marketing tool to increase your business. Instead of spending money on running a campaign on TV, print, radio or any other way,  use your social media and friends to help you promote. Word of mouth marketing is very important for businesses today because word travels much faster than it used to. The power has shifted to the consumer; people trust people. It is all about conversations. That’s why it is important to get people involved in your company by engaging in social media sites, your website, blogs etc with helpful information and resources. These social media tools are providing ways for businesses to connect with their consumers more efficiently.

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