April 12 2016

Women Deserve A Man’s Pay

Women have fought long and hard to establish a life that is seen as equal to that of men’s. On this Equal Pay Day, SFTL wants to bring the importance of equal pay to light. While we may not be able to designate a national monument today as President Barack Obama did, we can create a national movement. One large voice from one small leader can make a huge change, and that’s what being fit to lead is all about. Here’s to equality. 

It is said that, on average, women are paid less than men for doing the same amount of work in the same job. Although many people think this isn’t true, guess what, people– it’s a fact. This is morally wrong, as women deserve to be paid as much as men.

Image source via Pixabay

Image source via Pixabay

Take me, as an example. I’m currently finishing my second year of undergraduate education at the University of Miami in Florida, studying biochemistry and molecular biology. I’m on track to go to medical school to study and become a doctor. I’m going through eight years of schooling before I am even considered a medical doctor.

Do I not study as well as my male peers? I definitely do, if not more than many of my peers.

Am I not as trustworthy as my male peers? That’s definitely not true either.

Women are paid 79 cents for every dollar a man is paid. That means, for every $79 a woman makes, a man is making $100 to do the exact same job. Humor me and try to argue that it’s because men are stronger than women. Even when considering physical strength, there are too many times where I have stood right next to a guy at the gym who’s curling half the weight I am. Still think women aren’t strong? Didn’t think so. If you still do, good luck with your romantic future. Women face a pay gap in nearly every occupation, and because of the gap, women struggle much harder than men to pay off their debts.

My sex does not define my intelligence, nor my trustworthiness or work ethic. So, why am I destined to be paid less than my male peers beginning the minute we all happily graduate from medical school? I think that society simply never changed its mindset from the world’s history of sexism and the old-time view that women should be housewives instead of leaders. But those days are gone, and I believe society needs a new mindset. Women are fit to lead.

What are we going to do about this issue? I say we stand up for ourselves as the strong women we claim to be. We will continue to prove to the world that women are doctors, engineers, inventors, powerful figureheads, inspirational entrepreneurs, and leaders. It’s scientifically proven that women are innately more nurturing than men and also more capable to perform in social environments. These qualities, along with our motivation to achieve an equal pay will drive us to success. Women will continue to move our world forward and I am confident that, one day, we, as leaders, will close the pay gap and bring fiscal equality to women around the world.

Ladies, let’s show them what we’ve got.


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