February 1 2016

We’re Netflix and Chill…10 Reasons You Should Love Winter by Kerry Silverman

Winter?  We say embrace it!  Here’s why:
1. The seasonal drinks at Starbucks
There may have been some controversy over the red cups this year, but I don’t think anyone’s complaining about what goes into them. With choices like Peppermint Mocha and Chestnut Praline Latte, nothing warms you up quite like a good ol’ cup of joe.

2. You have an excuse to look like you just rolled out of bed.

When the temperature is low so is most girls’ motivation to look good, and that’s OK! Leggings, uggs, oversized sweaters, and hair in a messy bun requires minimal effort on those cold mornings, and it’s comfy too. And trust me you won’t be the only one rocking this look.

jennifer anniston
3. Netflix binge watching

Unless you’re one for taking nice walks in below freezing weather, then staying bundled up on the couch all day is perfectly okay. Why would anyone leave the house when they have Netflix? Pick a new show and watch 2 seasons in one day (I highly recommend Grey’s Anatomy).

netflix and chill
4. Snow days

For anyone in college, it’s a sad fact that these don’t happen too often, but when they do it’s like waking up on Christmas morning. Receiving one of those text alerts from your school may be the best message you ever receive.

5. Winters in the City

Whether this city is New York, Boston, or Philly nothing is quite as magical as this. Snowy cobblestone streets and ice skating in Rockefeller Center? Sign me up!

New York City Rockefeller Center 01 Skating Rink
6. Don’t have to worry about the Summer heat

On the days when your hair isn’t up in a messy bun, it’s nice to go out without worrying about 90% humidity. And may I also mention that there are no annoyingly itchy mosquito bites in the winter months.

7. Skiing and snowboarding

The first snow of the season may seem treacherous for some, but for us snow bunnies it means some fresh powder. Waiting in the freezing cold to get on the ski lift is totally worth it once you get to the top.

8. The cute outfits

On the days when you’re not walking around in your pajamas, take this opportunity to wear your cutest winter accessories. My personal favorites are leggings and beanies. Comfy yet fashionable.

howtowearbeanies9. Time for trying new things
Take advantage of being trapped in the house, and use this time to pick up a new hobby. Get on Pinterest and try doing some DIY crafts. It may not come out looking like what you see on the computer, but give it your best shot.

10. Family Time

Use the cold nights to snuggle up with your pets and family on the couch. Maybe pick a movie or even watch some old family films. Nothing keeps you warmer than some nice bodily contact!

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