April 17 2017

Why studying abroad is the best confidence booster

If you cannot tell by now, I am abroad currently studying abroad in Copenhagen (for those of you that cannot tell, I am only saying that because I have written tons and tons of articles about why I love Copenhagen and being abroad). However, even though I have written many, many articles about my abroad experience so far and Copenhagen in general, I have not written about one of the best parts of going abroad, which is…that going abroad is the best confidence booster ever!!

I know it may seem a little weird to say that studying abroad is a very big confidence booster, but that is just the truth. There are many reasons why studying abroad is a big confidence booster, with the main being that when you are studying abroad, you are constantly feeling like an idiot. I know it seems harsh that I am saying that you feel like an idiot when you are studying abroad, but it is really how every study abroad student feels, especially in the beginning of his or her study abroad experience.

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When you are studying abroad, you are obviously living in a new country that has a very different culture from your home country and that probably does not speak the same language as your home country. Therefore, when you first get to the country you are studying abroad in, not only do you experience culture shock, but you also have no clue where anything in the city is, you do not know how the public transportation works, and you really do not know what the norms in that culture are. So you are going to do a lot of things that the locals in the country you are studying abroad think is super strange, you are not going to be able ask the locals tons of questions because of language barriers, and you are going to be constantly getting lost.

You are going to feel super awkward, out of place, and uncomfortable at first. But as the days, weeks, and months go by while you are studying abroad, you will start to learn the norms, language, public transportation, and away around the country you are studying abroad in. You are eventually going to feel like a local and you will be so proud of yourself and beyond excited. You are going to grow and mature so much, and feel so much more confident.

All in all, when you go abroad, you gain the confidence to be able to move to a country that you know nothing about, to learn how to survive in the country, and to be like a local. Aboard is where you learn to step out of your comfort zone, where you accept that you are going to feel totally out of place 99% percent of the time, and where you gain the confidence that everyone needs!!

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