July 24 2016

Why Cousins Make The Best Of Friends By Jordan Cohen


I have 34 first cousins, and that is just on my mom’s side. Growing up with a big family has been the best experience ever. Since we don’t live close to each other, it has made family events, such as holidays, all the more special because of all of the traditions we have acquired over the years. From our Fourth of July Miss Liberty Contest, which determines the most patriotic outfit, to secret Santa at Christmas, there is truly never a lull in activity.

10487276_637981029674956_8606496387815227581_nMy older cousins took me under their wings when I was younger. I would sit on their laps, force them to play school and doctor with me, mandate that they be my pen pals, and make them go swimming — no matter how cold it was. They were always there to play with me, and, now, 15 years or so later, they are still there for me.

However, I am now beginning to see a transition. I am no longer a younger cousin, but have now acquired the 5-year-olds that idolize me. I vow to be for them, just as my older cousins were for me, because I know how important it has in my younger cousins’ minds.52288_173617786111285_5883509_o

There are also the few stragglers in the middle that are around my age. I truly don’t know what I would do without them. No matter how far away they live, I love being able to talk to them and I count down the days until we get to see each other at family reunions. We always pick up right where we left off, whether it’s been one month or one year since we’ve seen each other last. There is truly never enough time to
spend with my cousins.

Today, on National Cousin’s Day, give your own cousins a little shout-out. They’re family, but also your best friends.885424_637980836341642_8163356090918105481_o10888846_496975007108893_2016419526698051093_n11693857_577231812416545_2736267315162401835_n



To my own cousins:

Thank you for being there for me, whether you were playing with me or just keeping me company, you were people to go tubing with, make s’mores with, use sparklers with, and the best people to laugh with. Thank you for putting up with me taking a million pictures, for playing ice cream store with me in the sandbox, having sleepovers where we all slept on the pullout couch, playing kickball and wiffle ball for hours, riding bikes, and going on adventures with me. Even though we don’t see each other as much as we would like to, I’m so grateful that we are so close.

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