March 26 2017

What’s Trending for Spring?

What’s trending this spring? Confidence, of course! But what to wear?

With March coming to an end, it is safe to say that everyone is getting ready for spring. As it’s well-known, the fashion industry is ever-changing, especially with the seasons.  There are definitely some old trends that are still in style, but this spring, there will be many new trends that make their way into closets. Here are the best fashion trends this season:


Bodysuits are being sold everywhere in thousands of different styles. So many women are choosing the bodysuit trend because they fit so perfectly, and they pair well with anything high waisted without having the problem of always having to be re-tucked in.

Off the shoulder:

Dress or shirt – it doesn’t matter! The off the shoulder (or “cold shoulder”) look is trending now more than ever. Newly exposed shoulder looks are popping up in stores. It is the perfect way to look casual, yet also dressed up at the same time!

Lace-up shirts:

Another trend that you can find almost anywhere are the lace-up shirts. Fashion bloggers, celebrities and college students are all wearing them. Whether on shirts, dresses or even bodysuits, the lace up style is very popular.



Chokers are being shown in so many different materials, such as lace, leather and rubber, just to name a few. What outfit doesnt look better without a choker or maybe even two?


Rompers are super comfy to wear and come in many different styles: short sleeves, long sleeves, or long pants. You can pick your fave. Not only do rompers go with pretty much everything, but they are a quick and easy way to just put something on that will always look good.

Photo was taken from Target.com

One piece bathing suits:

Gone are the days when a one piece bathing suit meant that you were a competitive swimmer or didn’t like your body. One piece swimsuits are back in full swing, and they are making the statement that, sometimes, two (pieces) aren’t better than one! We’re obsessed with Target’s take on the trend, shown above.

Refreshing your closets for spring? Make these great looks your own, andcan’t cant go wrong!

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