November 5 2015

What I Learned From…Barbie!!! by Ximena Iglesias, Florida Gulf Coast University

So Barbie’s got new marketing!

After watching this video, I experienced a HUGE confidence boost. I really hope it does the same for you too. 

I don’t know about you, but I loved playing with Barbie growing up. Barbie could be anything I wanted. The doll not only gave me the opportunity to use my creativity and imagination. She allowed me to create different realities and situations, which as a little girl, were all too real.

Screenshot 2015-11-05 15.25.54

Now picture this, when playing pretend, my little mind learned to establish goals. Little me would ask, “Well if Barbie is [insert profession here] why can’t I?” And I would walk away from the doll with a confident mindset looking towards what I wanted to do with dreams and ambitions.

astronautgiphyWhether it be a Doctor, Gold medalist gymnast or Astronaut, no one questioned what Barbie was that day. You name it, Barbie could do it!  Of course there were many things Barbie has done that we are not interested in, but that is not the point. Today, I make goals on a daily basis. If there is anything I have learned this fall semester, it is that YOU set your goals.  They’re not Barbie’s goals – they are your own.  And no matter what you do, having goals is important. Achieving goals leads to feeling accomplished, which is an indescribable and euphoric feeling.

That is why I would like to thank Barbie for teaching me to have goals.


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