July 11 2016

What Aerial Silks Are And Why You Should Try Them

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

People always tend to find one thing they’re good at and stick to it, however, I have never been that person. I bounce around trying new things and always try to step out of my comfort zone.

One day in my dance class, I finally got to see someone do aerial silks. They are these giant silk curtains that hang down from the ceiling. If you’ve ever been to a circus, it’s almost exactly like what the acrobats use there.

You can climb upon and do numerous tricks on these silk curtains, but doing this requires a lot of upper body strength. In all honesty, though, it’s worth it. It makes you feel accomplished when you learn something new or when you’re able to finally do something you weren’t able to before. You become stronger, more flexible, and you learn to be more creative. Some of the basic movements to learn for aerial silks are climbs and knots. For me, it took forever to climb all the way to the top.

Classes can be a little pricey, but I’ve also seen people who have managed to put them in their backyards or even inside their houses. If you’ve never heard of aerial silks before, look up some videos and I guarantee you’ll want to learn right away.

Aerial silks will make you want to be more creative. Trying this workout will help you step out of your comfort zone. You’ll be way more flexible than you ever thought you could be. It’s one of the best upper body workouts I’ve ever had and beats any upper body workouts I’ve done in the gym. I honestly think dancing is beautiful because you can tell a story and do anything you want. That’s kind of how aerial silks work. There’s endless possibilities to what you can do. It helps expand you mind with endless possibilities as well. It’s different and unique, and a fun, challenging, body building way to learn something new!

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