July 15 2015

Welcome To The Fit List – Eve Kessner by Allie Fink, SFTL Contributing Writer


Today, we welcome SoulCycle Instructor, mother, nutritionist, and blogger (yes, she does it all), Eve Kessner, to our Fit List! Ladies, prepare to be inspired.

1) What motivates you after a particularly tough day?

Between mommying and SoulCycle instructing, I have two full time jobs. Many days are long and tough, but also very very fulfilling! I find motivation in knowing that my work, both at home and on the bike, is putting positive energy into the world. Knowing that I have the opportunity each day to change my riders energy, mood, and perspective is super powerful and humbling. Knowing that working at something I love is setting a strong example for my daughters is motivation enough to get up each morning and start it all over again.

2) What does being “fit to lead” mean to you?

Lead by example and stay true to you. Anyone can be a leader and no one should be a follower! A group of strong leaders creates a dynamic and tight knit pack. Always lead. From the heart. Among your people.

3) What does confidence mean to you? What makes you feel confident?

Confidence is beauty on the inside. True confidence radiates positivity. I feel confident when I am in the right place at the right time. I do my best to always stand my ground and make sure my feet are in the right spot.

4) What is your favorite song when you are teaching?

Anything by Biggie

You can learn more about Eve at her website, www.evelynkessner.com 

About Allie Fink

Allie is a 23-year-old Fixed Income Analyst at Morgan Stanley and a 2014 graduate of Johns Hopkins University where she graduated with a BA in Economics. She is a foodie, a photographer, and she's fit to lead!

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