August 19 2015

Welcome To The Fit List – Carson Mehl!

unnamedName: Carson Mehl
Social Media Strategist at Influenster

How did you find your job?: Searching online! Social media was a field that I realized I was interested in my senior year so I franticly (during a mid-senior year life crisis) did a lot of research and I came across a job listing online.

Did you know what you wanted to do when you were in college?: I had NO idea! I thought that I wanted to go into education at first which is why I chose my major in psychology (I figured that it could really be applied anywhere, which it can!) but as time progressed I realized that education was not the path that I wanted to take. I didn’t realize until senior year that Social Media was even an option for me! My friends have always made fun of me for being “obsessed” with social media so I thought, why not make it my career? And I did! 🙂

Is this your first job since you graduated? Yes!

Is this job what you expected? How is it better? How is it worse?: My job is absolutely amazing. It is everything I expected and more! I get to do something I love every day, I have the freedom to be creative and shine, and I  work for and with people that I truly enjoy being around. I could not imagine a more perfect job for me!

Is it hard to make time for your friends?: Not at all! I am very lucky to have such a close knit group of friends in NYC who are always down to hang out and do something. I also have a lot of friends in other cities who I miss dearly but it’s nice to have somewhere to visit!


What do you do to unwind?: Work out! I always feel so much better after an awesome workout.

What inspires you?: So many things! I love to travel, traveling is definitely is something that has and always will inspire me. I am constantly inspired at work, working in a creative field allows for a lot of inspiration, and I guess New York City in general is a pretty inspirational place for any young professional woman to live!

Who inspires you?: My mom, my friends, my boss and (of course) Beyonce

What advice would you give to a rising seniors as they think about next year?: Have fun but stay focused! Don’t take yourself too seriously and if there is ever a time when you are asking yourself if you should leave the library….do it!

How do you start your day?: ” Venti iced cold brew red eye”

How do you inspire others to keep them positive?: I’m a listener, I think that a lot of times people would rather be heard than be given advice. I will always give advice when asked or when I feel its necessary, but I have found that sometimes the best method to inspire others is to just make them feel heard.

Do you have a favorite power meal?: Salmon and veggies. I love to cook and eating healthy is something that is very important to me!

unnamed1Define confidence? When do you feel confident? When don’t you?: I feel the most confident when I am doing something that makes me happy. Working out, cooking, sailing, even just hanging out with my friends and helping others. Anything that makes me happy gives me confidence. Like most people, I enjoy feeling appreciated and like I’m doing the right thing. If I ever make a mistake at work or get into an argument with a friend, thats something that doesn’t make me feel confident

What does Fit to Lead mean to you? To me, it’s about the journey. Every woman should be doing what they love, in the place that they love with the people that they love! Life’s too short to be doing something every day that doesn’t make you happy. I wish that everyone could be as happy in their day-to-day lives as I am, and if my story can make someone see that, then I think that’s a beautiful thing.

Funny story: My Junior year of college I spent my winter term living on a sail boat and sailed 3000 miles from Tahiti to Hawaii! Hands down most amazing experience and by far the coolest thing I have ever done!


Thanks Carson!  Welcome to The Fit List!!   

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