September 16 2015

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She's Fit To Lead is a community for the next leaders of our generation. We believe the simple act of connecting with one another is a critical step in building confidence and a successful future. Our community connects young women at college campuses and starting careers across the country, challenging and empowering them to unlock their true potential. ABOUT SFTL

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    High School Sophomore’s launch CHOICE bracelets to help suffering teens.

    Long Island, New York – January 1, 2016 – Teens launch CHOICE bracelets, Emmie Levy and Jessica Rosen are the founders and designers of this hot new bracelet line to raise awareness for suffering teens.

    While feeling her own stresses of meeting with college advisors, Jess realized that it seemed everyone her age was struggling with something; friendship, school, personal identity, family, isolation, even depression. So many teens were unhappy, instead of making these the best years of their lives. Many even cut or were suicidal.

    Jess wanted to make a difference and leverage her passion to help. Jess contacted one of her closets friends Emmie.

    Emmie’s compassion, empathy, and kindness truly inspired Jess, which is why she wanted to create with her something that would give hope, connection, and meaning to positively inspire others. Showing everyone that life is truly the most precious gift of all; and so our cause, CHOICE, was born.

    Remember you are not alone.

    Please visit http://www.choicebracelets.com additional information and full line of CHOICE bracelets.

    A portion of the proceeds goes to various charities supporting struggling teens

    Contact Information:
    Instagram: @choicebracelets
    Email: choicebracelets@gmail.com

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