July 2 2016

Trying to be a little more Independent

With Independence Day quickly approaching, the word independence really has been on my mind.  I have always had iniative when it came to school or work, but I want to focus more on independence in everyday things. I really rely on my friends to go do things with, and I sometimes feel like I miss out on things I want to do if everyone is busy. I understand that college is a unique place where you have people constantly around you, and your friends are generally a 5 min max walk away. With senior year mere months away from starting, I am always consious of the scary unknown of post-graduation. I know my friends and I will be more than likely leaving each other for the many different directions we are headed, and being alone will be part of that change.  I don’t want to miss out on all of the fun a new city holds, so I have decided this summer is the perfect time and place to start my journey of independence.

Here are a few things on my bucket list:

1. Find a quaint coffeeshop: On campus we have so many of the chain brand coffee shops, Starbucks, Collectivo, Espresso Royal. Don’t get me wrong I love my Starbucks as much as the next person, but I also love finding those little hole in the wall places that so many people forget about. I think adventuring out on my own would be perfect for this. All I need is a good book or my computer to be able to write.


2. Take a long bike ride: After three years in college, I have finally brought my bike from home. With the extensive map of trails and places to bike near my campus, it would be the perfect day adventure. Sometimes nothing is better than a bike ride to clear the mind and relax (that’s what summer is all about, right?).

3. Go to the Farmer’s Market: We have one of the best farmer’s markets right near campus, and generally if someone isn’t available to go with me I just skip it. Next time that happens I’m just going to go get my fresh produce and favorite cinnamon roll on my own.

farmers market

4. Find the perfect reading spot: One thing I love about summer is free time to read. During the school year, I never have time to read books I want because I have to focus on academic readings. A way to gain more independence would be finding a place at our union or one of the many sunny spots on campus to finally open a book of my choice.

Whether you’re a graduating senior worried about the changing future, or an almost freshman nervous about all of the new changes college brings, it is always great to learn more about yourself by spending some time alone. Being okay alone also makes being with friends something special.

being alone quote


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