November 13 2016

Boost Your Confidence with TRX by Maria Banfeld, Guest Blogger


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What is TRX?

TRX is a suspension training system, and no weights are involved as it is your body weight that you lift. People of all ages and levels of fitness can push, pull, lift and twist their body into a complete workout. There are hundreds of exercises that you can do, and the only equipment needed is the TRX suspension kit. This is fully portable and weighs less than 3lbs so you can set up anywhere, indoors or outdoors, and all you need is a secure fastening point.

There Are Many Advantages to Using the TRX System:

Boost Your Mood Levels

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30 minutes of brisk exercise is the recommended daily amount that should be completed. A workout on the TRX can easily accommodate these requirements, as the workout increases your heart rate. Also, chemicals are released into the brain that can help you relieve the signs of stress and leave you feeling happier; these chemicals can have effects that can last up to 12 hours.

Chronic Illness

This 30 minutes per day using the TRX system can help you combat high blood pressure, and cholesterol levels will fall, which can aid in preventing type 2 diabetes and heart disease. By building your strength, there will be less chance of the effects of osteoporosis. This can leave you feeling happier as you are doing something towards preventing these illnesses rather than becoming reliant on medication.

Energy Levels

With regular exercise, the lungs and heart are working more, these are muscles just like any other, and the more they are worked, the stronger they get. This leads to improved breathing, which in turn increases oxygen and nutrients in the blood. They are passed around the body and brain. Having this extra energy will leave you feeling good about yourself as you have the new-found energy to enjoy other activities, too.


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licensed via bigstockphoto.com

Sleeping well can give you improved productivity, concentration and raise your mood and confidence levels. So, by regular use of the TRX system for your 30 minutes of daily exercise, you can help promote a deeper more restful night’s sleep. It must be noted: do not exercise close to bedtime, as this will leave you feeling energized and unable to sleep.

Weight Loss

Happy-Woman-on-Weight-ScaleWith your 30 minutes per day exercise and a balanced diet, you can lose those extra pounds, and this can make you feel better within yourself due to how trim you now look. Your confidence can also be bolstered as you now know you are able to take control over certain aspects of your life. A good TRX workout can help you focus and stand tall with additional self-confidence.

New to Training or Return from Injury?

You may be new to exercise in general or an athlete who is returning from injury, due to the multitude of exercises that is possible with the TRX system. Either way, you can progress at a pace which is good for you. New TRXers often feel intimidated, but once their strength grows, they feel more confident, not just in exercise, but also in life. Essentially, the thought of running from situations is reduced more as your physical strength increases.

Injured athletes returning to training may be unsure of how much they can do before the injury may repeat itself. But once they have progressed to a certain level, they will know the risk of repeat injury is unlikely. By training in this manner, you can have a confidence boost when you have accomplished your goal, with happy memories help to make you feel confident.

Bad Habits

Regular exercise can help you quit bad habits, and training can produce certain chemicals which give a “high” feeling, just as if you were smoking a cigarette, or even biting your nails. So, once you have been training for a while, you will find these urges subside and you will be thinking more of making return visits to the gym.

Meeting New People

Although you can use the TRX system at home, it is advisable to get the assistance of a qualified trainer when you are just beginning. Here you can meet new people, and this will give a boost in social confidence by meeting new friends, or even that “Mr. or Miss Right,” wouldn’t that be nice?


Author Bio:

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