July 10 2015

To “Make-Up” Or To “Not Make-Up” by Emma Bernstein and Stephanie Schneider, SFTL contributing writers

Emma says:


Makeup is a crazy concept.  It embodies these products that are created so that we, the excessively, unnecessarily self-critiquing women of the world, can highlight features we like and suppress those that make us insecure. Whoever decided to call these products “make up” is quite literally a genius. If you actually think about the word, it describes exactly its purpose. I love words like that- they make so much sense. Make up: to actually “make up” an appearance that is somewhat pretend.

Being that I am a 19 year old college girl and live 9 months out of the year in the brutally frigid yet incredibly perfect city of Ann Arbor, Michigan, makeup is most definitely my friend- not my foe. It is common for me to go a week without seeing even a hint of sun, leaving my skin pasty and vulnerable for more months than desired. So, as a disclaimer: this little rant about makeup and girls and how society works is not meant to at all discourage the use of makeup. Makeup, afterall, is a wonderful tool to help any slightly self-conscious girl feel better about herself and it is something that I choose to use often. This rant is however about the importance of embracing your own features and learning that like everything in life, there is a time and place. But if you get nothing out of this but one thing, let that thing be this: here at SFTL we believe confidence is key. So, if a little foundation helps you walk down the street with your head held slightly higher, then I say a little game of pretend never hurt no one.

When to “make up”

It’s friday, TG. The overwhelming influx of work is finally paused for a few days and that means it is time for some fun. This is when I choose to whip out my brushes and go to town. There is an incredible transformation in mood when I dress up for a night out: a type of confidence boost the floods by bloodstreams and pumps my adrenaline. It is a positive transformation in which I feel powerful and ready. This is where makeup proves to be a wonderful tool. It helps retrieve that confidence that is somewhere lying within you and showcase it to the world on a silver platter. It is that small push that every woman, regardless of age, skin color, or self-esteem, needs every once in a while. Makeup results in confidence so if you ever need some- lather it up.

When not to “make up”

Did you ever play house as a kid and got so emotionally invested into the game that your pretend family and your real family were blurred for a bit? Using too much makeup in the wrong place at the wrong time is kind of like blurring reality with pretend. I believe that losing sight of your true self plays into a slippery slope that leads to nowhere good. Makeup becomes ugly when you must hide behind it rather than work with it. If you find yourself wearing pounds of makeup while watching reruns of Sex and the City in your sweatpants with girlfriends or at the gym then it is time for a reality check. Embrace your natural features and learn to love them. Be comfortable with the idea that perfection is a mystical concept. Be confident in your most raw form.

Steph says:


For someone who absolutely loves makeup, I don’t tend to wear it often. I know, I know, this doesn’t make sense. I love the concept of makeup- painting/brushing/smudging on beautiful colors or shimmers to enhance your natural beauty. I love going into Sephora and splurging on the new mascaras, blush and eyeshadows. I love dressing up for an event and spending time and concentration on applying the perfect amount of makeup. I have a drawer in my bathroom dedicated to makeup. When I travel, I carry around a giant compartment just for my makeup. Any of my friends, my sister and mom know I take makeup very seriously, just ask my roommate who giggles every time I start my makeup because she knows i’ll be more concentrated in that moment than when i’m doing my stats homework.

So, why do I not wear makeup usually? Well, as amazing as makeup can make a girl feel, it definitely is time consuming. I’m not the type of person to wake up early before class to put on a face of makeup- no way! I tend to roll up to classes in workout clothes, a bun and zero makeup. MAYBE if i’m feeling gross i’ll plop on some mascara, but nothing really more than that.  This might be because I don’t care what people may think, or maybe it is because I don’t feel I “need” to wear makeup. It’s possibly because I go to school in Miami where i’m constantly sweating my makeup off OR maybe even it’s because i’m flat out lazy. I am not really sure!

I believe that makeup is a great way for someone to express themselves and build up their confidence. But makeup should not be abused. I don’t think it’s healthy for a girl to rely on makeup in order to feel beautiful. Know that you’re gorgeous without the eyeliner and blush. Going out in the world with a fresh, natural face and loving who you are is the most beautiful look out there.

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