September 18 2016

The Truth about Adulthood

Children can’t wait to grow up. As they get older, they trade in nap time for date time, slumber parties for football games, and juice boxes for cheap wine coolers. To kids, grown-ups just seem so flawless and perfect in all of their behaviors — yes, even the bad ones, but there comes a time when even young adults realize that adulthood isn’t quite so perfect.

To those who are excitedly trying to rush into adulthood, please slow down. It may seem like not having to obey your parents’ rules is great, but there is more to being an adult than meets the eye.

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

licensed via bigstockphoto.com

You’re always busy
Staying busy isn’t a bad thing, but it can get pretty exhausting. Between college, working full-time, and spending time committed to numerous obligations, there are hardly enough hours to get everything accomplished every day.

If something goes wrong, you have to fix it yourself
Broken household appliances, illnesses, and other problems can’t be delegated to your parents anymore. Sure, most parents are happy to help, but the truth is they’re not going to be able to help you in every situation. Unfortunately, the days when mom made all of the doctor appointments and fixed the hole in your wall are long and gone.

When money is low, you can’t ask mom and dad for more money
Adulthood is expensive. Between grocery shopping, keeping your car fueled, paying all your bills, putting money in your savings account, and paying for college, money is limited, and managing money takes practice. Parents can’t always bail you out of financial issues, as much as they would love to, so it’s up to you to make sure you know what you have to pay and when you have to pay it to avoid getting in trouble. Unfortunately, that means passing up buying Chipotle and new clothes every week.

Bills are a priority
This cannot be emphasized enough. Bills are something that just can’t be avoided, and if you do avoid them, the government will make sure you don’t forget you owe money. It may seem like you’re spending an absurd amount of money on just basic necessities — rent, water, gas, food, etc. — and you probably are, but these things are needed for you to get through your day-to-day tasks.

Friends aren’t able to hang out all the time anymore
In high school, it was easy to get together after school, but now, things are different. Adulthood means working for a living, and that is generally 40 hours out of the week, at least, with everyone on different schedules. When you want all of your friends together, you have to plan it out in advance, as the days of going to your best friend’s house on a whim are over.

Responsibility is essential
Everything you do has a consequence, whether it be good or bad. If you don’t feel like cleaning, that’s OK, but you’ll have to wash a sink-full of dishes by Sunday night. If you decide to skip out on work for a few days, that’s OK too, but you might not have any gas money or be able to pay your upcoming bills the following week. Whatever choices you make as an adulthood stay with you wherever you go, and it’s simply unavoidable. The best tip to surviving adulthood is to be responsible — plan your days, complete your tasks, and commit to your obligations.

At the end of the day, adulthood is great, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Don’t let the excitement for the future affect your ability to appreciate the present.


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