March 27 2017

The Top 10 Benefits of Going Abroad

About one year ago, when I was in a sophomore at Indiana University, I decided that I wanted to go abroad. I decided to go abroad because lets be real, no one ever hears anything bad about going abroad. Going abroad is basically a break from real life, it is a time where you learn how to live on our own, adapt to new cultures, and travel the world. So, on January 13, I packed up my bags and moved to Copenhagen for 4 months, where I am now currently living until May.

Going abroad was easily the best decision I have ever made, since there are so many benefits to going abroad. Check out the top 10 benefits of going abroad below!

  1. Seeing the world – Abroad is a great opportunity to travel around the world since it is much cheaper to travel around Europe once you are there.
  1. Becoming a part of a new culture – When you go abroad, you are moving to a new country that has a culture that is very different than the culture in the United States.

  1. Receiving an education – Even though a big part of abroad is about traveling, you are also receiving an amazing education while you are abroad.
  1. Becoming independent – When you are abroad, you are living on your own, adapting to a new culture, planning trips, and doing so much on your own, that you become super independent along the way.

  1. Becoming more open to new experiences – Before going abroad, there were some things I would never try, but now that I am abroad, I really am open to anything.
  1. Meeting people from around the world – Since you are living and traveling the world when you are abroad, you are able to meet people from many different cultures, and it is amazing to gain new perspectives from the different people you will meet.

  1. Discovering new and yummy foods – Trust me on this one, there are some super yummy foods you will eat when you are abroad.
  1. Being spontaneous – Planning a last minute trip to Portugal, walking over a bridge to Sweden, you will be super spontaneous when abroad.
  1. Learning to appreciate your friends and family – Since you are away from your family and most of your friends when abroad, you will begin appreciating them on a whole new level.
  1. Learning about yourself – Just trust me here. You will really start to learn and understand yourself when you are abroad.

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