August 15 2016

The Style Like U Movement


It is by chance — very fortunate and wonderful chance — that I one day stumbled across the Style Like U YouTube channel.

Style Like U is a website/movement created by a mother & daughter duo, committed to promoting and proving that true style is not what you wear or how you look, but rather, self acceptance. To do this, co-creators Elisa and Lily interview and film prominent women of all races, ages, physiques, backgrounds, professions and sexual orientations in order to get to the essence of what makes them stylish — what makes them feel at home in their body, comfortable within their skin and, most importantly, how they got to a point where external physiques and intrinsic awareness were no longer synonymous or dependent on the other.

Their YouTube videos are encapsulating and simple, yet deeply vulnerable and very important.

I can personally vouch for the fact that spending an afternoon watching a few of their videos will leave you feeling both more confident within yourself, and more aware of the true definition of beauty.

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You can watch their videos here, and visit their website for further information here.

Below are three of my personal favourite interviews for you to begin with, but don’t stop here — keep exploring, keep expanding, and keep spreading their message of a genuine path to #ConnectToConfidence.

1. The Journey of a Plus-Sized Supermodel
2. Acting as a woman & its expectations
3. Overcoming a traumatic past and dangerous history

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