December 31 2015

The SFTL Guide To Resolution Making – What’s Wrong With Being Confident? Inspiring Resolutions For 2016 by Carly Kahan

2016Every year, people all around the world think about the one goal that they will have and attempt to accomplish in the year to follow. It is the famous New Year’s resolution: the one choice that everyone thinks about making when the clock strikes midnight on December 31st. These resolutions can range from minor changes in our lives to more drastic measures, based on the individual. A New Year’s resolution gives people the opportunity to make the changes to aspects of their life that they have said they were going to implement the next day, the next week or the next month but never got around to. New Year’s resolutions feel more motivating and give people inspiration to try and better their lifestyle. New Year’s resolutions may be easy to decide, but are indeed difficult to maintain throughout the whole next year.

jancalendarSo, what really are New Year’s resolutions? New Year resolutions can range from decisions about eating habits to work ethics to social skills and more.  Resolutions, though they can differ dramatically, all have the underlying theme of self-improvement. Humans constantly long for ways to help improve themselves in multiple ways. I know that every year, I have trouble deciding that one resolution for the next year that I believe I can maintain to help truly make my life more enjoyable and better for myself.
Sweaty BettyNeed ideas? Check out this great list of resolutions for some guidance for choosing the best New Year’s resolution.

Get in better shape by eating healthier and working out more

salad2giphyThis resolution may be one of the most obvious and common resolutions, as people are constantly worried about their self-image. Though it is a good idea to start making changes that will make your life healthier, remember not to let this resolution get out of control (eat healthy and starve are NOT the same thing), because every change is beneficial, but in moderation.

Meet new people

meetyougiphyBy creating the mission to meet new people, the person making this resolution is deciding to become more social. People always have the desire to explore a greater audience of people in order to make new acquaintances, friends, or even a romantic connection.

Get more quality sleep

pikachugiphyLonger and better quality sleep can help lead to a happier and peaceful lifestyle for individuals. This resolution is an overall healthier lifestyle choice in order for people to grow and become more at ease in their chaotic lives.

Work harder at your job

devilwearsprada2giphyDetermination and motivation are key qualities that are important in the workplace, leading people to becoming more focused in their occupation. Many people want to change the way they carry themselves at work, possibly for a bonus or promotion, or just for the opportunity to continue to challenge themselves and gain more knowledge during their work experience.

Become more confident and live a happier life

This is by far the hardest, but most rewarding resolution in my opinion, as confidence and happiness are difficult attributes to implement in our own lives. Both patience and time are required to allow an individual to enjoy their life in addition to learning how to be confident, which will help lead people to a generally happier life.

happy minionMake the resolution that is right for you because by the end of 2016, you are going to want to feel satisfied with the choices you have made in order to improve your lifestyle. No matter what, be happy with who you are and stay smiling, as that really is the most important thing to have in your life.




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