January 9 2016

The SFTL Guide To Resolution Making – Resolutions To Make All Year by Rachel Becker

shutterstock_333381524As we move into 2016, you will likely continue to be bombarded by articles telling you the best resolutions or how to make resolutions and stick to them. Check out some of our great articles here, here, and here.

I always find New Year’s exciting! There is a worldwide party going on (albeit in different time zones), and I have annual New Year’s Day brunch at my grandparents’ house to look forward to.

brunchgiphyIn the midst of the parties, the confetti, and the goofy glasses, we pat ourselves on the back for surviving another year and look forward to the next one. I always make a point to watch the ball drop, even if it isn’t live (I’m from the West Coast) and loudly countdown to midnight with everyone else in the room.

reese-495This year, as I sat surrounded by people I love, I wondered what really makes 12:01 any different than 11:59? This, coupled with the fact that I’m terrible about keeping my New Year’s resolutions (I know I’m not alone in this!), led me to make a different kind of resolution this year.

anti resolutionI will not focus on how many days a week I work out as long as I am healthy, I will not cut out sugar or any other food group because I love them all, etc. Instead, I am setting general resolutions to live by.

These resolutions are not necessarily something to do every day or every week, but rather reminders for the coming year.


Be kinder to yourself.

loveyourselfgiphyYou are your own worst critic. This is especially apparent for me during busy times like finals, and I’m sure the same is true for many of you. There are some days where no matter what I do, I can’t get any good work done on an essay or project, and I am working on not beating myself up about it. No one is perfect and certainly not all the time. There will be good days and bad days, and no matter what it seems on social media, other people are struggling just like you. This is by far the hardest of my resolutions for the year, but I think also the most important.

Take time for yourself

This goes off of my first point, but treat yourself. We all work hard and I often forget to reward myself whether I got through a hard week or just finished a paper. Whether it is 10 minutes of meditation or going on a run, find something that makes you feel good. Personally, I love to light a candle and paint my nails or have a dance party to my favorite songs a la Grey’s Anatomy.

danceitoutgiphyMake time for the people you love

Whether this is family, friends, or a boyfriend/girlfriend, make time for the people that are really important to you. It can be as simple as a “I miss you” text to a friend you haven’t talked to in awhile or a call to your parents. Seriously, they love when you call home. Also on that note, call your grandparents every once in awhile. It will brighten their day too. Life gets crazy sometimes, but the people we love can make all the difference.

imissyou2giphyBe adventurous

Being adventurous doesn’t mean you have to go on a big trip, although those can be wonderful. If big adventures are your thing, go for it! Try skydiving or taking a road trip with friends. But it can also mean smaller things like trying a new restaurant or walking around an unfamiliar area of your city. If you put yourself a little bit out of your comfort zone you never know what you’ll discover.

Screenshot 2016-01-09 08.58.49Document without distracting from the moment


selfiegiphyThere is a fine line between taking pictures to enjoy later and being on your phone so much that you are no longer in the moment. Cherish the time you get to spend with your friends in person, especially those you don’t get to see all that often. That text or Snapchat can wait an hour, I promise.

These are my goals for the year and I hope they inspire some of your own!

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