July 12 2016

The Quick Fix

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So, you clicked on this article in search of a quick fix. Perhaps you’re hoping to lose a bit of weight and are hoping that I’m about to unveil some well-kept, completely safe and affordable trick to doing just that without all the effort and cost traditionally required. Maybe you want that crystal-clear skin that you never again have to worry about or care for – a miracle cream, or pill, even. Or, alternatively, maybe you seek an easier path to your dream career – surely there’s just some class you can complete or book you can read that will inform you perfectly about your field, as well as build up your resume from your desk.

Whatever it is, the likelihood remains that for the majority of you who decided to read this article, you’re searching for the quickest, easiest and least painful way out of something.

I’m sorry to be the one to deliver bad news — although, you probably already know it — but it’s time for you to accept that there is no quick way out of anything worthwhile in your life.

Forming amazing relationships requires time, patience, resilience, commitment, and belief in the fact the relationship itself will work. Most people are taught this growing up, as individuals learn that all couples will fight, all relationships will fray, and that through love, strength and perseverance, magical things will flourish.

The fact that we are raised with this knowledge prepares us wonderfully for the challenge of developing trust and fostering affection with another similarly imperfect person as ourselves.

But we have not, for the most part, been told that virtually everything we aim for in this life requires exactly these same traits: resilience, commitment, hope, belief and patience. Perhaps it seems too pessimistic, as raising a new generation with the mindset that they must work themselves to the bone and endure pain throughout their lives before they uncover the beauty within who and what they are, doesn’t sound so uplifting.

However, that is the truth, and it’s about time people start accepting it.

In a world and generation where ease and convenience have become the selling point of almost every item or idea, it’s no wonder people expect the same quick-fix when it comes to deeply-rooted problems within themselves.

Individuals have become expectant – naïve, even.

The day that you open you eyes, heart and mind to the reality that all great things take both time and brutally hard work, will be the day you realize that this road is the fix. The only fix. The best fix.

You have the time to invest in change, you have the ability, and you have the will. It’s time to accept this knowledge and run with it.

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