October 19 2015

The Price We Pay To Sweat…4 Ideas For A Great Workout Wardrobe For Less! by Emma Herschman, SFTL Contributing Writer

hooded_sweatshirt_favorI used to think that going to the gym with my natural curly hair in a high bun and old bat- mitzvah sweatshirts from the seventh grade was fine. It later appeared that the proper gym attire became:

  1.   Athleta Wear ($64-$98)
  2.  Lululemon with a matching top ($98)


Screenshot 2015-10-19 07.51.10However, with a college budget, it is extremely difficult to rationalize buying such high-end items that will get sweaty and gross, for a simple trip to the gym. Since when did wearing makeup and straightening your hair for the gym become a thing? And, if it’s okay for guys to get away with wearing $5.00 white tank tops, why can’t I get away with wearing my old bat-mitzvah sweatshirts? The world and the fashion industry may never know. However, I know how to find better deals for the same quality, style, and performance, and I am here to help you accomplish the same.

1.  Gap Body

gapbodyWhile Gap can be a little pricy with leggings at $60.00, they are comfortable and come in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Because Gap has frequent sales, shopping during the right time can often save you up to 50%. In addition, they are not see-through, come in a variety of sizes, and complete the perfect gym-look with an oversized shirt.



nikepro2.  Nike Pro
Nike is one of the more popular brands for workout clothing ranging from $40-$50. They have a great color and pattern
selection. Not only does Nike have leggings, but also great spandex, athletic shirts, and sports bras.

Screenshot 2015-10-19 08.08.183.  Target

For the low price of $17.99 you can get great workout leggings that are not only flattering but also long lasting. While Target’s clothing line is not dedicated solely dedicated to workout gear, they carry a wide selection ranging from sport bras, to shirts, and leggings. Target is inexpensive and does the job!  

headband4.  Accessories

Of course, no outfit is complete without the proper accessories! Headbands are a great way to keep your hair out of your face, absorb sweat, and keep you looking great. I suggest finding your perfect headband at Target, Harmon’s, CVS, or even Duane Reade (for $2-$5). Hairband knots are also very popular (sets of 3 for only $5 at Harmon’s or Duane Reade) because they give girls the option of pulling their hair back with style. Lastly, in terms of makeup, women should understand that if guys don’t need makeup, we sure as hell don’t!


Happy Workout!

XO Emma

Emma Herschman is a student at Ithaca College.  

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