February 22 2018

The Gift of Self Love Campaign

Models: Janie Ruddell and Faith Costa

Can you both tell us a little about yourselves? 

Janie- I am currently a twenty two year old film student, so a terribly stereotype…  I live in Haddon Township New Jersey. I love everything to do with media and film and have built my life around it. I am a producer and a director who wanted to create beautiful things.

Faith- I am a plus size model, social media influencer, blogger, a body positive and mental health awareness activist as well as an artist. I have been modeling and working in the fashion industry in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for two years and have been working as an artist for over a decade. Everything that I do, I do with love and with the hope of making a positive impact in the world.

What exactly is The Gift of Self Love campaign?

Our campaign is a photo shoot. We gathered woman from all walks of life. Different races, ages, sexualities, and body types. This was to show that all woman deserve to feel beautiful!

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What inspired you to start this campaign?

I hadn’t been feeling great about my appearance lately and I wanted to help myself and the other women around me feel beautiful and empowered.

How did you come up with the name?

We’re releasing the photos on Valentine’s Day, so I wanted every woman who’s ever felt pressure to be loved and force love, give a gift to themselves. The gift of self love.

How did you get all your models?

They’re all friends of mine and Faiths! Fortunately enough, we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with some of them before, we they’re all girls we know and love!

What is Cherry Pie Productions?

Cherrie Pie is my (Janie) own production company! It’s been in the works for some time now, and I’ve done some smaller scale work with it, but this is my first full project through my company!

What is on the rise for you guys?

There is so much on the rise. We’re doing some giveaways after the shoot, I have a short film in the works, we’ve got more photo shoots planned, and a behind the scenes video coming out!

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Is there any positive feedback you can share with us that you have gotten back from your models?

From what we’ve heard, they all had fun! We got lots of sweet messages filled with love and support from the models and we hope once the photos are released, the girls will only have more good things to say!

How do you spread the word about this campaign?

We posted little sneak peaks on our Instagram (@cherriepieproductions) and our Facebook page. We shared and posted as much as we could to get the word out.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Don’t give up. This project has taught me that hiccups and bad things are going to happen. Nothing is perfect, but that doesn’t mean to stop trying. Don’t listen to anyone but the people who trust the most, and stay as true to yourself as you can.

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