August 27 2015

The Confident Girl’s Guide to Paying For Stuff – 5 Ways To Not Shop

dormmoveinYou’ve just moved into your new dorm room, or your room in the sorority house, or your first apartment in the big city.  In any case, you know the inventory of Bed, Bath & Beyond, The Container Store and Target better than anyone who works there.  After your 99th trip to buy your 102nd under the bed drawer, irrespective of the fact that inside of a week, there’s a 100% chance that your beautifully folded and arranged by color graphic tees will be the new decoration for your bedroom floor, you can’t take it any more.  Much to the relief of whomever is funding this venture (or your own bank account), you exclaim, “I am never shopping again for anything!”.  

Fat chance!!

Let’s keep it real.  A little bored at work?  In the library taking a break?  Before you know it, you’re on your favorite online site “just to take a look,” and in an instant, your self imposed ban on shopping is over.

We say, don’t do it!  Here are 5 tips for keeping your shopping habit in check and still having fun (and adding to your wardrobe) while your bank account (or your parents’) is recovering from your late August home improvement splurge:

20150711_F21_US_cnmain1. What You Don’t Know Won’t Hurt You…
– How many times have you loaded up at some super special, exclusive, one time only sale, simply to have the clothes you bought hang in your closet, because you got swept up in the moment, and truth be told, your final sale items that were such a great deal looked a lot better in the store or on your computer than they actually do on you?  We have a solution.  Have the confidence to unsubscribe or at least to opt to receive less emails from your favorite shopping sites.  Those emails are designed to entice you to spend whether you really need anything or not – no emails, no impulse buying!

2….And What You Do Know Can Help You – Take an inventory of your closet.  No, really!  Do it!!  Make a list of what you have.  The next time you are convinced that there is something you must have, consult your inventory first.  Already have 10 pairs of ripped jeans?  There’s a good chance that #11, while really, really cute, is an item you can probably live without.  

3TORzIdyylT7IDsbfPcxOoVAeZVAzNR7naQgVF1B88U,1lcCWPuJMQ2essO7Bel_XvcUbEkwA_tvO0pxyaBaeng3. Charity (And Shopping) Begin At Home  – Shop your own closet.  You never know what gems you may find that you bought, put away and forgot about.  If they look great, who cares if you bought them last year, last month or last week?  Wear and enjoy!!

4. What’s Mine Is Yours – Upcoming formal?  Got Friends?  Sorority Sisters?  Siblings?  Sure you do!  Now is the time for a clothing exchange.  Your best friend’s little black dress will look like and feel like a totally new dress on you, and vice versa.  Make it fun.  Have a party where you all try on and exchange outfits.  Or even better, make it a charity event too.  Have everyone bring one item to donate (for example OperationProm for formal wear or Dress For Success for work clothes) and one item to swap.

image15. What’s Old Is New (And You Can Get Cash Too)
-Finally, if you must shop, consider a store or site where you can trade in or sell back your old clothes, and then shop their racks (in person or virtually).  Lots of times, there are barely worn (or even new), current styles to choose from.  Some great examples are Plato’s Closet, Tradesy.com and Poshmark.com.   

Most important of all, remember, you make the clothes, they don’t make you.  Choose to shine, and wear what you have with confidence!  No shopping necessary.  That She’s Fit to Lead confident attitude is the winning look for any occasion.


Happy Not Shopping,



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