November 17 2015

The Confident Girl’s Guide To Golf – The Art of Golf by Sarah Kaiser, Boston University

Personally, I always thought that golf was a boring sport that my Dad liked watching on the weekends to lull him into a nap. However, as it turns out, it’s not.

A. Golf actually excites him, and

B. Apparently it’s really fun to play.

I never picked up on this because I never understood the point of hitting a ball with a stick with a flat end, watch it fly, and trying to get it into the hole in as few swings as possible. So, when my Mom told me last summer that I needed to learn it because it was a life skill you can imagine I scoffed at the idea and told her it was a silly notion. But little did I know. I didn’t know that golfing is a life skill, and unfortunately men are seen as the masters. This stereotype is a reason in itself for you to get on the links if you are not already.

And for you ladies who are chatty, this sport is perfect as long as you keep your voices down because in a full game there are a lot of breaks between actually playing that are used for socializing. You don’t have to be a professional like Angela Stanford, but try to break the stereotype. I am a firm believer in any sport that men excel in, so can women (and do it better). The social aspect is what makes golf the perfect game for the business world, and they know it.

Whether you are on a business trip to someplace warm or it’s nice weather where you are, golfing is the perfect excuse to bring the boardroom outside. You spend four hours with your peers getting to know each other and discussing business in the beautiful outdoors. It is a game that people of all athletic ability can play because agility and physical shape do not play a role, so it leaves very few colleagues out.

This being said, don’t wait for the invite to the golf club to pick up a club and hit the green. You want to make sure you are confident and have an idea of the game before you hit the ground running. Confidence and composure are key in golf and especially when you are trying to wow everyone. If you go into the game without knowing what you are doing, you will lack the confidence, the skill, and composure to do well with the sport and the social setting because you will feel flustered and incompetent. Golf is hard to pick up from the getgo.

golfgiphyYou have to have form down, which is tricky, and I personally stink at. I played field hockey through all of middle school and high school, and my golf instructor told me he could tell. This isn’t exactly a compliment. And as frustrating as it is to get rid of old habits I am slowly cracking them, and looking a little more like a golfer; I am gaining confidence and learning how to make my own adjustments. This is an important key to composure because you have to be able to adjust swiftly according to your game plan and how you’re doing, which is very similar to the work place; you never know what curve ball is going to be thrown at you, and you want to be able to adjust accordingly. Get out of your comfort zone and demonstrate that the sport of golf isn’t tailored for men!

Put on your cute skirt and comfy polo, and embrace your inner Angela Stanford, and go learn about the sport because it just may help you in the long run.

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