November 23 2018

The Best Thing About Going Home For Thanksgiving

There is nothing better than heading home for the holidays after a long week at work or school. You finally get the chance to take a little break from the things going on in your life.

If you don’t live at home anymore going home for the holidays is a good way to refresh, recharge and rethink.

Some of the greatest things that I cherish during the holiday season and I know you guys do to are listed below!

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Hugging Your Family Members:

There’s nothing better than the first hug from all your family members and friends that you have been away from for weeks, even months. This is the perfect opportunity for you to thank your family for everything they do to support you wheather your just 2 miles away or 2000+ miles away. Learn to embrace family traditions, wheather that’s taking a walk, doing a workout class together, playing a game or cooking/ preparing that favorite family recipe that you all love!

Home Cooked Food:

If you don’t live at home, there is NOTHING better than a home cooked meal or a few. Especially on Thanksgiving day the appetizers, main meal and of course the dessert. Make sure you indulge the variety of food you might not always get to enjoy.

Down Time:

While it is amazing to have all your friends/ roommates around you all the time while you aren’t living at home. We still all might need a little alone time. This break make sure you find time to be with yourself and not interrupted by all other chaos that goes on when you are back at work or school.

Hometown BBFs:

There nothing better than coming home for Thanksgiving break to your day ones. Thanksgiving is probably the first chance most of get to see are hometown friends since the summer. Be sure to check in with them and find a time to catch up. While we all make new friends when we move it is really nice to be able to connect with the ones that have known you forever.

Going Down Memory Lane:

If your anything like me you’ll find yourself missing your favorite place to eat in your hometown that you can never get tired of going to. Head to that local spot with friends or family to remember old times. Every time I go home I can’t go home without making a stop at my favorite pizza AND bagel place in town in NY! They are must have’s!

Spending time at home with your friends and family over Thanksgiving is a great way to connect and destress from everything that is going on around you. Whether it be a hard time at work, or a crazy middle of the semester at school use this time to unwind around the ones you love. You will be able to find me cuddle up by the fireplace, listening to music, with a glass of wine taking in all the smells of my moms delicious cooking I am eagerly waiting for while enjoying the company of my family I haven’t seen in awhile!

Enjoy your break and have a very Happy Holiday!

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