June 20 2017

The Admiral’s Daughters


We had the opportunity to talk to Lindsay Amerault, Co-Founder, Creative director and daughter of a Naval Officer who is the CEO of this amazing company, The Admirals Daughters. The Admirals Daughter’s is a clothing brand here in Florida with a great story behind it. Lindsay kept a strong connection with the Navy and Coast Guard community when she was growing up. Lindsey and her dad work very hard to use The Admiral’s Daughters to raise awareness and remind us of the everyday challenges that Sailors, Coast Guards, Marines and their families face around the world!

What exactly is The Admiral’s Daughters?
The Admiral’s Daughters is a mission-driven women’s apparel company designed for hearts out at sea. We specialize in the cutest and most comfortable graphic tees all with ocean themes!

What is your mission?
We are a community that wants to share stories and support others… Whether you are 2 days into a deployment and you can’t possibly grasp how you will make it to day 197, or you simply want to encourage others to clean the beach.

We want to create a family, intertwined by our shared passion of the ocean and those who protect it. We all need comfort and together we generously fill cups. We are building a community for the brave, the independent, the courageous and the spunky…Those with tenacity, those with vigor… The explorers, the passionate…those who embrace life and all of the turbulence that comes along with it.

If we know we are not alone in our endeavors, in our lonely times AND in our victories, we can instill hope & strengthStrength in numbers. We empower each other, even if we have never met, even if we are oceans away. We empower each other to tackle life and all that comes along with it.

What inspired you to start The Admiral’s Daughters?
As the daughter of a career naval officer, I was literally baptized in a ship’s bell. I developed a strong and lasting connection with the Navy and Coast Guard community that I grew up in, enduring my own father’s frequent absences at sea alongside the other families of his crews. Sharing Thanksgiving dinners with Sailors and making videos to send to ships are just a few experiences which inspired a lasting admiration of how these tight-knit communities sustained and supported their service member moms, dads, sisters, brothers, husbands & wives during arduous and lengthy deployments at sea and ashore, far away from home.

I wanted to create a way to remind all of us, as we go about our everyday lives, of the challenges and sacrifices that face our Sailors, Coast-Guardsmen, Marines, and their families. Me and my father (the ‘DADmiral’, as I affectionately refer to him) have collaborated to apply our personal experiences and understanding to a business venture that honors and celebrates those sacrifices while artistically evoking the beauty and romance of the sea surroundings in which these families live, work, and, so often…wait.

Where did you get your inspiration from?
The inspiration for the shirt designs mostly comes from living near the ocean. I am drawn to the water. I like to sit on the beach and listen to it. The ocean is my natural habitat (having grown up almost on it and then living in Bermuda for 5 and a half years), that part comes easily.

The inspiration for the actual company and all that comes with running a business (sometimes I can’t believe just how my to do list grows so quickly) is drawn from the women out there who are hustling. Hustling to take care of their families while they are active duty military or a military spouse and their husband is deployed half of the time…the women in the middle of the Atlantic on a research vessel helping marine life and dealing with the overwhelming garbage issue… the women who intend to change the world with their compassion, perseverance and dedication to their cause. These women are a source of continuous inspiration. A reminder that nothing comes easily, but if you move forward every day and act with intention and love then you can make a pretty great place for yourself in this world.

How did you come up with the name?
The name was easy. My father is a retired Vice Admiral and served in the US Navy for nearly 40 years. I am one of his daughters, of course. But the name is really plural because of the community of women that we support and raise awareness for. When I grew up as a “Navy Brat” my father was absent very frequently serving our country and the women in our community (military spouses, female leaders in the different areas we lived, etc) played a huge part in helping all of the military kiddos develop into strong and confident individuals. They banded together to lift us up, and each other! We hope that by sharing stories of women like this that we can spread some of that love that they instilled in us!

What is your favorite part about running The Admiral’s Daughters?
Working with my dad and being close to my family! Creating this company has afforded me opportunities to do so many things that I love; create & design, travel, spread positive vibes, but most importantly it has brought me home to my family. Being raised in a military family and moving all the time, you tend to continue that lifestyle into adult hood. After 15 years away, I am settled in Jacksonville and couldn’t be happier. Getting time with my parents is crucially important as well. My wonderful mother has actually been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. We set up The Admiral’s Daughters office & stock room right in our home, so Dad and I are lucky that we get to be there to take care of her and spend as much quality time with her as possible. She selflessly gave so much to our family. I love how the relationships between my parents and I have become totally different than when I was a child, we are thick as thieves and have a wonderful friendship.

What is the hardest part about running The Admiral’s Daughters?
The time, or lack there of. I mentioned earlier that I have a revolving door of to do list items. As soon as you cross off one thing, two more pop up. You really have to be in love with what you are doing and believe in it so whole heartedly, otherwise it’s just not worth spending your time on. You have to make willing sacrifices of time taken away from your family, your significant other, your friends, YOURSELF even… BUT, if you love it, the juice will be worth the squeeze.

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We see that with every purchase you donate to a charity, can you tell us about that.
We do! This is one of the best parts of our company (ha, I’m sure I think that about all parts of our company!) With the purchase of any products we offer, we give a portion of the proceeds back to military and ocean-conservatory charities. The coastal communities that my brothers and I grew up in did so much for us as a family and made transitions so easy that when we started the company it was a no brainer to send some love back to these communities. We currently are working with Navy Safe Harbor Foundation (navysafeharborfoundation.org) which helps wounded sailors and their families, and we also just started supporting Plastic Tides (Plastictides.org). Having something measurable to see how we are making a difference is really cool too! So far we are over 7,000$ in financial donations and we’ve only really been around for just over a year!

How do you spread the word about your company?
Oh gosh—Any way we can, I’m sure my friends are sick of my excited “shout it from the rooftop” raves! We are of course on social media, mostly Instagram (@theadmiralsdaughters) and Facebook. We love to collaborate with other brands that resonate with our mission too and it’s amazing how technology allows us to connect with so many people from across the globe! We have also been doing events like crazy, which is such a great way to connect with our customer base and for them to feel the amazing comfort of our fabrics. I LOVE chatting with women and hearing their stories so it’s super fun to schedule pop-ups and participate in charity events (mostly in Florida, but we are currently planning a road trip up the East Coast!). OH! And, we are in the process of producing a video series to share stories of some of the women we have come across. Their voices should be heard as they bring comfort and support to others. So if any of you are out there—email me!

What is a piece of advice you would give to a woman who wants to start her own company?
GET AFTER IT and don’t make excuses! But make sure it’s something you are willing to work for. I wake up every morning and am so jazzed to get to my computer and work on my business. What a nerd, I know, but it’s the truth. My sweet boyfriend has to pull me away to go do fun things! That is how much I love it and believe in it. If you don’t, who will?
Also, make sure you have a support system. Even if you love what you do as much as I do, you still need your moments to “let it all out”, not everything that comes along with the business is going to be champagne and roses (too bad, right?) so know your people and who will make you better!


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