July 24 2016

Thank you, Gorgeous Grandma

Today, Gorgeous Grandma Day, is meant to recognize all the Grandmas out there who go above and beyond in making sure their grandchildren get the most out of life.

When I first heard that it is Gorgeous Grandma Day, I thought about all grandmas because, to me, they are just the cutest, but as I thought more about it, I really thought about my grandmas and how confident they make me.

It is no secret that grandmas are the best. They always have the best intentions and they will always speak what is on their minds, no matter the situation.

230102_2026526060880_2502266_nMy dad’s mother, who has now been gone for almost 11 years, is always in the back of my mind. Everyone always told me when I was little that I looked just like her when she was that age. I miss her presence, her laughter, smile and all the good times we had. When I look back, I realize all the little things I miss about her. She was truly gorgeous and I wish every day that she was here to see me grow up.

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 1.57.44 PMMy mom’s mother is my go-to person. When I need someone to talk to I call her. When the week begins I look forward to the conversation I am going to have with my grandma that week. Recently she has had a huge impact on my life and never did I expect college to bring this new relationship with my grandma. She taught me that friends and family stay close to your heart and to always do what makes YOU happy.

Grandma, there are so many things that I can thank you for, but just to name a few, thank you for taking care of me when I was younger, for being my shopping partner during the holidays, picking me up when my parents were busy, all the road trips we have been on, and being the first person I rush to see whenever I am home. Those are the memories I will never forget.

It’s the little things that make grandmas happy and that’s what makes me happy. These experience have shown me how precious time with her is, I am so lucky to have it.

Everyone is gorgeous in their own ways. It’s not just because of how you look, but also who you are and what you bring to society. And I see so much of that beauty in grandmothers.

Love you forever

Your grateful granddaughter, Zara

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