May 24 2018

TF Publishing – Calendars & Planners

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a thirty-something midwestern gal, motivated by passion and success. I love my animal family (I have 3 pups and 2 kitties), traveling, the outdoors – sunshine, beaches, lakes, all of it. I’m known to capture the moment and always listening to the BEST music. My passion for consumer goods keeps me always thinking of the next big thing.

What exactly is TF Publishing?

TF Publishing is always evolving – but in a nutshell: calendars, planners, journals, stationery – all of the pretty things to keep us organized in a fashionable way!

What inspired you to start TF Publishing?

TFP was born to fill the need of organization and we have always been planner user and list makers. There’s something so gratifying about crossing off a list and having your schedule on a desk in front of you. We make getting organized fun, inspirational, and something to look forward to!

How did you come up with the name?

TF stands for Time Factory, time – as in dates / calendars!

Stay Fit and Healthy

You’re recognized for your green initiatives, can you tell us about that?

We have made it a priority to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Not only do we have a wind turbine that provides partial power to our building, we have eliminated nearly all plastic from our products, offering recyclable, paper alternatives instead. For example, rather than plastic covers for our planners, we offer adhesive paper pockets that you can use anywhere in your planner. We also provide reuse suggestions for our products on our website and on social media. Our products are made from recyclable paper and use environmentally friendly inks. We reuse or recycle the corrugated cartons our products are shipped in and have a recycling program available to our entire office park. Our journals/planners are created using cotton or linen covers and the internal pages use a wood-free paper. We reuse boxes to pack orders so have minimal rubbish, and we recycle everywhere we can.

What is your favorite part about running TF Publishing?

Every day is a new challenge, and we learn something new every day. We have a great culture here, and some wonderful, hardworking people to make things happen each day. And of course, its very rewarding and exciting to see product concepts and ideas come to life, and then finally, satisfying customers with the end result. Being a shopper myself, the process of how products get into retail stores in fascinating!

What is your least favorite part about running TF Publishing?

Every business has its ups and downs, but I would say patience. We have to work so far in development sometimes we get it right and know exactly what customers want, but there are definitely some risks that are taken in what trends will be hot and how customers are planning.

Is there a favorite product?

That’s a tough one, right now I am loving our Planners. Specifically, the Abstract Large Weekly Monthly Planner. It has a fun and colorful exterior, and the inside pages have ample writing room for my daily plans, place for my weekly goals, habits, and checklists to keep me organized, efficient, and accountable!

Where are your products sold?

Of course TFPublishing.com, as well as Amazon, Target.com, Zulily, World Market, Kohls, and many others

What makes you different from other planners out there?

There are sooo many great planners out there, in different styles and price points. I think we do a great job of making great quality, stylish products at affordable prices. Our products are designed to appeal to everyone – from moms to students to professionals. We not only aim to make staying organized trendy and fun, but we are also very selective in the materials we use – how does it feel? how does it look? will it last? – all while keeping in mind the consumer’s budget.

Is there a certain time in the year it is better to buy your planners than others?

Our academic planners are released in April-May, and then our calendar-year planners are mostly purchased in November and December, before the new year begins.

How do you spread the word about your company?

We are very active on social media – showcasing the personality and culture of our company, which is also reflected in our products. Establishing genuine connections, customer service and word of mouth from loyal customers spreading the word is invaluable as well and has helped our business grow organically.

Do you have any advice for fellow entrepreneurs?

Love what you do. Be an ambassador for your brand. And don’t give up. This company has taught me that hiccups, mistakes, and failures are going to happen. Keep trying – nothing is perfect. If you truly believe in something, an idea or product – you can make it happen.

Do you have a favorite quote or go to saying? 🙂
Mantra: 365 new beginnings. Each day is a new opportunity to do great things!

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