May 27 2015

Teach Your Children Well – Miriam Hammer, Welcome To The Fit List

Teach Your Children Well by Danielle Frederick, SFTL Contributing Writer and Advisor

10885400_3012062980762_1988991665048343796_nLast July Miriam Hammer, a Union College graduate, boarded a plane to Siem Reap, Cambodia where she would live for nine months teaching English to young students. Although she began teaching English, many more topics filtered into her teaching. Miriam and her teaching partner Sam began a program that brought in female, Khmer professionals working as accountants or in ad agencies among other businesses. After her months in Cambodia, Mimi’s students expanded their future goals from becoming tour guides and hotel consigners to aiming to be businesswomen. Mimi brought her students local sources of inspiration that will guide her students as they grow. Before leaving, Mimi painted a mural at a restaurant in Siem Reap, leaving a lasting mark that will remind the girls of Mimi’s leadership and enable them to find and project their own strength.

Learn more about Mimi and her travels:  miriamhammer.tumblr.com

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