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Healthy Eating on a College Budget IS Possible!

For most of us college students, the Freshman Fifteen is a thing of the past – and by that I mean, we are no longer freshmen. Ideally, I think it’s fair to say then that many of us are trying to shake those beginner bruises and begin our life-long journey of trying to eat healthy! […]


Cut Up Your Credit Cards For Confidence?

Credit cards!  Should you have them or shouldn’t you?  And how many?  Should you jump at every offer to open a card just to get 10% off on your purchase? While it’s nice to have that ability to buy something and delay paying for it, credit can be very anxiety producing.  Working at a big […]



So you got fired?  Here are some tips to get you through: 1. Don’t Let This Be A Confidence Killer – At SFTL, we are all about learning to be strong and confident in all situations.  You are still the same fabulous person that you were before you got fired! 2. Stay Calm – Easier […]