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Dive in Deck: Exploring Your Comfort Zone

is the greatest feeling of reassurance. In a world full of doubt, covering up with a warm blanket, knowing you made the right decision, or surrounding yourself with loved ones creates the ultimate environment for happiness and security. But sometimes, comfort is not what’s best. While comfort provides happiness, it also hinders growth. The comfort […]


5 Pieces of Advice I Wish I Could Give My Undergraduate Self by Bethany Heinrich

I recently noticed that there is a lot of content out there that offers advice about adolescence, but what about those somewhat-still-coming-of-age years that occur between the ages of 18-22? I decided to take a trip down memory lane (not that it was that long ago!) and assess what would have been some helpful advice to have in […]


Leap Before You Look!

Last year, I left a big job in the financial industry to follow my dream of starting a company dedicated to helping women become more confident.  I wanted to wake up every morning and feel like I was doing something that I really cared about.  I wanted to make a difference. However, deciding to make […]