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Leading into a Future Unplanned

Two weeks — that’s where I stand at the moment, on the precipice of now and the rest of my life. It’s almost the day — truthfully, it’s more like 13 days, 12 at this point, but two weeks, that’s how long I’ll say — and once it passes, I’ll likely be curled up on […]


From Bottles To Boardshorts – Meet Caroline Danehy of Fair Harbor Clothing

It’s Transformation Tuesday!  But instead of transforming yourself, how about thinking about how you can transform the world?  Check out Fair Harbor Clothing (fairharborclothing.com), the company which is turning plastic bottles into boardshorts.  Transformative, trendy and fun! I talked to my friend, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Caroline Danehy to learn more: 1. How does one […]