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7 Things You Must Eat If You Are In New York by Shia Miller

Ah, New York. The concrete jungle where dreams are made. While New York is known for it’s busy streets, subways, and people, there is one essential that we cannot neglect: the food. Of course, food is essential to any diet. But there is a certain je ne sais quoi when it comes to New York […]


The Confident Girl’s Key To Healthy Fast Food

It’s 2AM on a Saturday which means it’s closing time.  Wired, you and your crew are desperate to continue the night. Suddenly, someone says, “I’m starving” and just like that your stomach rumbles- just like clockwork.   Next thing you know, everyone is starving and it’s time for the late night eating festival to begin. Let’s […]


Play With Your Food by Hallie Salko, SFTL Food Writer

The story of my life!  I’ve always loved the kitchen.  I’ve kind of thought of it as a combination home art studio and science lab.  Why play with clay, when you can play with cookie dough?  And trust me, I was never much for chem in high school (just ask my mom about those very […]