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“Easy Fast”. Do You Really Think It’s That Easy?

The day to fast? Yom Kippur Your first thoughts are,  “Not again!  It’s been a year already?”   I don’t understand why this is it the only holiday that you commit to fasting and the challenge is beyond painful! The thought of how much food we ate last week between the two nights of Rosh,  and […]


Play With Your Food by Hallie Salko, SFTL Food Writer

The story of my life!  I’ve always loved the kitchen.  I’ve kind of thought of it as a combination home art studio and science lab.  Why play with clay, when you can play with cookie dough?  And trust me, I was never much for chem in high school (just ask my mom about those very […]


Bear Left! (Six Salads for Your Post 4th of July Detox)

So earlier this week, my grandfather told me that he calls the GPS in his car Goldilocks.  Moment of panic on my part.  “OMG, he’s totally lost it.  Pretty sure he should not be driving.  But OK, let’s just go with it.”  So, “Why Goldilocks, Pop Pop?”  “Well, she’s always telling me “Bear Left,” so […]