February 5 2017

The Confident Girl’s Guide To Super Bowl Sunday

It’s that time of the year again.  Football season ends tonight with the Super Bowl! This year it features the New England Patriots (big shock) and the Atlanta Falcons.

For me, there is nothing like Super Bowl Sunday.  No matter what age or gender you are, it’s more than men running down the field cradling a little ball like a baby or what looks to me like being painfully thrown on to ground. It’s a party! No matter the score, you can count on tons of food, drinks, friends, family and a great atmosphere. Oh, and how could we forget the best commercials of all time and the always great halftime show.

Over 100 million people watch the Super Bowl every year. While most of us gather around our TVs, others have the pleasure of spending over $3,000 on a single ticket to be there. There are many ways you could sit back and watch the two best teams battle to win:

Superbowl Party:

Get all your football fans together. There is nothing better than enjoying some good food, friends, family and football.

Go out and watch the game

If you don’t feel like cooking yourself or having people over there is always the option to go stop by your favorite sports bar. It will definitely be packed, but it will be a great experience sharing all of that crowd energy.

Watch the game for the ads

Some people don’t necessary care about the game itself. They could just be there for the party or for all the great ads. There are around 60, 30-second ads during the game that sold for an average of $5 million dollars, so you better believe they are going to be good.

My favorite ad previously is the Budweiser #bestbuds commercial, and I can’t wait to see what ads will air on Sunday.

The halftime show

I might have forgotten to mention that Luke Bryan will sing the National Anthem for Sunday’s game and that Lady Gaga will perform during the halftime show. She’s practiced for months and wanted to perform at the Superbowl show for years, and hey, she’s Lady Gaga!   It is definitely going to be a good one.

I promise, you don’t have to be a huge sports fan to enjoy tonight. If you love football, obviously you are psyched. If not, soak in the social experience.  Even if your team didn’t make it, you can always root against the Patriots (just kidding).  Take it all in – food, friends, family, picking a great box, laughing at the ads, enjoying the performances and more!


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