July 14 2015

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice and Healthy

The interns were starving, hot and sweaty this afternoon after a workout on the trampoline. Food was now heavily on their minds…

Steph: University of Miami Class of 2017

I really worked up an appetite after jumping on the trampoline with the other interns. I’m sweating and absolutely starving. The only thing on my mind to satisfy my hunger and also fulfill my cravings is an egg white omelet with avocados, spinach and peppers with a side of multi-grain toast. This meal will definitely serve as a delicious and nutritious way to fill me updsc_00091

Emma- University of Michigan Class of 2018

Let me tell you- that trampoline workout really got me exhausted, I would definitely recommend it for those looking for some high intensity cardio. Sweaty and absolutely starving, I decided I needed a satisfying meal to rejuvenate my leg muscles and keep my metabolism going so I can maximize the effects of my workout. My go to- avocado toast. After workouts I believe it is so important to have a healthy combination of protein and “good” carbs. That’s why this is perfect, and those that know me know that I can eat this every day for a week and not get sick of it! It is that good.

Zara: Lynn University Class of 2016

After seeing how much fun Z and Hallie had a Planet Air the other interns and I couldn’t resist but going to work out on the trampolines for ourselves! Before I work out I like to snack on something little so im not too full; preferably some type of fruit such as an apple or even just a smoothie to have on the go! For example, today I put together a quick and easy smoothie and was on my way to start jumping! After our extremely fun and tiring workout I was so hungry that all I wanted was some chicken and vegetables. I ended up making it into a very simple yet delicious meal- a grilled chicken sandwich on multigrain bread with a side of grilled vegetables which filled me up completely.


Hallie:  University of Wisconsin – Madison Class of 2019

I really like something quick and easy. My go to for hydration is coconut water. I also like spicy lemonade: lemon juice, coconut nectar/agave, cayenne pepper and water. I usually like carrots & hummus, celery & peanut butter, a protein shake or green juice.

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