May 13 2016

Meet The Women Of #STOREFRONT

We are so excited for Connect To Confidence, and we hope you are too.  Remember, buy your tickets through Monday, and you’ll be eligible to win a free hotel night and dinner at Bodega Negra.  

We are so thrilled to feature #STOREFRONT, our exclusive collection of brands created by the amazing, inspiring women that we have featured or will soon be featuring on our site.  Meet our fantastic, very fit to lead, #STOREFRONT vendors:


Jordana Schrager

Jordana Schrager

Jordana Schrager, founder of Sneakers by Jordana – This incredible sneaker brand was founded by the awesome Jordana Schrager.  Jordana will also be speaking at Connect To Confidence about her adventures as an entrepreneur. 11821655_438158739642356_1267275491_a

Read more about Jordana

gabbyfinkelGabby Finkel, founder of Tailgate Tees by Gabby just completed her Freshman year at UF.  Shall we say she’s on the “cutting edge” of tee shirt design?  (pun intended).  Gabby will also be one of our SFTL panel moderators at Connect To Confidence.


Read more about Gabby


image reprinted courtesy of C. Cassidy

image reprinted courtesy of C. Cassidy

Catherine Cassidy, Founder of UStyled, is taking her fashion expertise and using it to make shopping a fun, rewarding and fruitful experience for you.  Just graduated and don’t know what to wear to your new job?  Catherine is the woman to see.   logo@2x

Read more about Catherine



Adriana Botti

Adriana Botti

Adriana Botti, Founder of Little Words Project is working to stamp out bullying one bracelet at a time.  Get inspired.  Share your story through her bracelet’s unique tags, and support Project Glimmer, one of our charity partners, and Little Word’s charity of the month.  Adriana will also be participating in our panel, Having The Confidence To Pursue Your Dreams.  


Read more about Adriana

lilyHigh School, a successful stationery business, and a genuine commitment to giving back.  What more can we say about the talented founder of Lily Hock Creations, Lily Hochfelder?  

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.50.34 PM

Read more about Lily

about-em-johnEmma Johnson, founder of EMJOHN Jewelry has already made the list of Oprah’s favorite things, and her business just continues to grow and grow! 


Read more about Emma

IMG_2698-1024x768Alexa Kastan founder of lexWeaving actually hand weaves her chenille scarves, having started her passion for weaving at summer camp!   

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.47.52 PM

Read more about Alexa

IMG_1924Busy Wisco student Marley Lazarus founded Beaded by Marley while still in High School, and it just continues to grow with her great mix of college designs and more sophisticated pieces as well :


Read more about Marley

juliaprestonAnother Wisco student, Julia Preston, who just finished her freshman year, is the founder of Angelic NYC.  Not only are her shirts the bomb, but she is also doing a ton to support suicide prevention.  We can’t wait to share Julia’s story in the very near future:

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.14.35 PM



Alex Shadrow, Unitiques Founder

Alex Shadrow, Unitiques Founder

Founder of UNItiques, Alex Shadrow, just graduated from BU.  She has become a great friend to SFTL, and we can’t wait to watch her take her unique spin on thrifting and make it grow into a powerhouse company!

Screen Shot 2016-04-26 at 2.53.28 PM

Read more about Alex

romibashaHigh School student, and Romi Basha founder, Romi is taking the world by storm with her vintage, handmade jackets!  We can’t wait to meet her next Saturday!



about-dive-inHow cool is Dive in Deck?  Since learning about it, we’ve literally been obsessed.  Can’t wait to dive in next weekend with creators Heather Weiss, Jessie Standafer and Kristina Teschner.



So there you have it!  Our #STOREFRONT entrepreneurs can’t wait to meet you, and we know they have some surprises and never been seen before merchandise for you to check out.  Be sure to join us.  Tickets on Eventbrite

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