20 September 2016

Stephi Maron


stephimaron_1When her family arrive in town for a special event, Stephi Maron know exactly where to send everyone for a manicure and a blowout. When they asked her for a makeup recommendation, she didn’t know of a professional, yet affordable option. It was then that the 21-year-old had her “ah-ha” moment. Seeing a white space in the market, Stephi set out to create convenient destination for women to enjoy professional makeup applications, to look and feel their most beautiful-from this, Blushington Makeup Beauty Lounge was born.

Stephi, who has always enjoyed wearing makeup, never liked the results of professional make up applications and always felt she looked “overdone.” Realizing she wasn’t alone in the sentiment, she saw a real need for an upscale makeup destination that caters to all women for every occasion.

Blushington opened its flagship lounge in West Hollywood, California in 2011. The overwhelming success of this location led to the brands expansion into Dallas, Texas in 2012, and a second California lounge in Newport Beach in 2013. The first East Coast location is scheduled to open July 2015 in New York City inside the Underground at Le Parker Meridien Hotel.

Blushington provides professional makeup applications (and more), transforming the experience from a special occasion luxury to an everyday necessity. Committed to a “less is more” and “you, only better” approach, Blushington caters to women who are short on time, but want a bold impact. Each location is designed in Blushingtons signature aesthetic, which pops of coral, cream and blush throughout, creating a chic, playful vibe and consistent experience. The lounge also serves as a niche beauty retailer – Stephi carefully chooses the products available, and has curated a collection of considered brands, including Becca, Julie Hewett and Kevyn Aucoin.

Prior to founding Blushington, Stephi graduated from the University of Arizona with a degree in Communications and Pre-Business. Soon after, she realized that should could turn her vision – opening a luxe beauty lounge – into a reality.

Stephi’s favorite beauty tip: it’s all about the brows. “Think of eyes as a photograph – a photo looks great on its own, but even better in a frame. Well-groomed brows frame the eyes, for a perfectly polished look.”