February 24 2017

Staying Healthy in College Both Mentally and Physically

Often times we tend to forget the importance of wellness during college. We are so caught up in our academics and social interactions that we do not step back to evaluate what our body needs. Below are ideas to remain healthy both mentally and physically during your time at college.

Take Vitamins

This may add another step in your daily routine, but taking a multivitamin everyday ensures your are getting nutrients you may be lacking. You are probably staying up later or eating an okay diet, so your immune system may be lower than you are used to. Give your body some love, trust me, it will thank you in the future.

Set a Workout Schedule

Whether you are a morning or evening gym goer, plan days to go exercise. This way, working out becomes a part of your normal routine and schedule. Sometimes, though, you may want to skip because you have a busy day, but this will only make you lose motivation. Keeping a workout schedule will not only keep you motivated in the gym, but it will reflect onto your school studies.

Have Time for Yourself

You may think college is a time that you constantly have to be around people, but this is not the case. Let your mind and body breathe from the social stimuli. This is the time for recuperation and reflection.

Call Ones that Are Closest to You

Coming into college, you want to be independent. However, don’t forget to call the ones that are closest to you. They know you best. They will be there for you, and they are an outlet from the people you see everyday. They will bring a refreshing perspective, and it is a way to stay connected to those in the past. Finally, they will be your support system through hard times.

Don’t Be Afraid to Seek Help 

Often times it is out of your control what happens. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whether it is a professor, friend, or resident assistant, there are people at the school wanting to support you in anyway they can. The best thing you could do, is talk to someone.

Write Down Your Goals and Accomplishments

Writing down your goals makes you have something that you are going after. This keeps you focused and organized throughout school because you are chasing an achievement. It is also important to write down you accomplishments to give you the confidence to continue what you are doing. Even writing down small goals and accomplishments amount to big ones.

Limit Snacking (instead large breakfast)

As tempting as it is, try to limit the snacking. Instead, have a big breakfast that has a combination of protein and carbs. Trust me, breakfast is better than no breakfast. It gives you the fuel to start the day, and by eating a healthy breakfast you won’t get hungry in an hour! So, try waking up and giving yourself a little extra time to feed your soul:)


Sleep is essential when it comes to college. Your brain will be rested to take on your hard classes, as well it gives time for your immune system to replenish what it needs to remain healthy. Go to sleep at a reasonable time, and also try not to sleep until 12 p.m., that way you get your day started and you have a regularized sleep schedule.

Drink Water

Purchase a reusable water bottle in order to refill throughout the day. You should be constantly drinking water. You’ll stop those mid-afternoon cravings; often times our hunger is due to dehydration. Plus it gives you the energy you need to last all through your classes. Not to forget your skin will clear up, and toxins will be flushed from your body!

Don’t Dwell on the Past

Forget the past, you can’t go back in time. Look to the future, you’ll certainly understand it is the brighter way of looking at things!

Do What Makes You Happy

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