March 14 2017

Spring Break? Stay Safe!

It’s that time a year again when college students from all different places travel to the warm weather for some fun in the sun or just take a week off to relax. Spring break – no classes, a week off from all that school work for nights that you will always remember. The excitement is real; however, if you aren’t careful, you can find yourself in some tough situations.

Scary things can happen. Many people saw this in a story making its rounds on social media, in which a girl whose last spring break as an undergrad turned into a disaster. In 2014, she took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, one of the most popular spring break destinations.


She was kidnapped, raped and almost killed, just because of a single moment of being too trusting.

While ending the night at a club, she went outside to get in a cab just like everyone else, but she got in a cab with a corrupt driver and accomplice. They kidnapped and assaulted her until, finally, they threw her out of the cab, half dead.

She shared this story to enlighten other women and implore them to be safe.  Through all the fun and craziness, you have to keep a really good eye out on yourself, your friends and your surroundings.

When you are traveling this spring break, or even when you are out with friends, try and remember a few of these tips:

Stick together
When you go out with your friends, always use the buddy system. Stay together and go home together. You have less of a chance of something happening to you if you are not alone.

Keep secure
It is important to keep an eye on your belongings. This isn’t negative; it’s just realistic. Assume that anything you put down unsupervised is something you will never see again. Pare down to the absolute minimum that you need to take with you. It’s doubtful that you need every credit card, every form of ID and a pile of cash. Less is more!  ear something that can hold all your things, and use a bag that zips closed correctly to ensure nothing can be lost or taken. On the beach?  Always keep an eye on your phone, and take turns watching each other’s stuff if you’re going in the ocean or for a walk!

Fuel up
Carry snacks and eat something that fills you up. Too much sun, too little sleep and too much to drink can impair your judgment and lead to making bad choices. Eating right can help.

HHHYYDRRAATTEEE!!! If possible, carry water on you at all times. Make sure you know if you are in a bottled water only location. If you’re in the sun or drinking, you can get dehydrated before you even feel thirsty. Again, this can lead to your exercising less than stellar judgment.

Spring break is epic for college students, and it has been forever. So, if these are college memories you want to make, go for it.  Just keep these tips in mind when you are out enjoying yourselves with you friends to ensure that you stay safe and also have a good time!

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