October 1 2015

Spotlight on UW-Madison – 12 Things To Love About The Intern Queen by Hallie Salko, SFTL Contributing Writer

Hey, Bucky!  We’re gonna get you an internship!!


Ok…well maybe not.  But the rest of us who attended Lauren Berger’s presentation on Tuesday night are a whole lot more clear about what we need to do to go out and get those good opportunities.  Lauren is the CEO of InternQueen.com, an online site that is amazing for finding and applying for a ton of internships.  On behalf of She’s Fit to Lead, I got to interview Lauren before her talk, and I was totally inspired by her story and by the great advice she gave us.  Here are 12 things to love about the Intern Queen:

theinterngiphy1.  She’s Here to Help:  After 15 internships in college, it was clear to Lauren that the resources that college students needed to land internships weren’t available.  Instead of complaining or saying, “Well, at least it worked out for me,” she took everything she had learned along the way and used it to create a company to help the rest of us.


2.  No Epic Fails Here  She had the courage to start her own business, because she firmly believed failure was  never an option.  



3.You Gotta Have Friends – Even touring around the country, she makes time for those closest to her.  No matter how busy she is, she makes sure to make her loved ones a priority.



sushigiphy4.  She’s Got Good Taste In Comfort Food – Her go to’s?  Sushi and chicken noodle soup.




 dancegiphy5.  Dare To Be Different – Lauren encouraged us not to try to be cookie cutter clones of each other.  “I look for someone that has a unique resume.  I look for people who are confident and knowledgeable, but also have something colorful.  For me, it’s both about what they’ve done, and how they connect the dots between their experiences.”  



goalgiphy6.  Goals, Goals, Goals!  For Lauren reaching your goals is a confidence builder.  “I feel confident when I achieve my goals.  For example, if I go to a networking event with a goal of a number of people I want to connect with, and I meet my goal, I feel confident.”  

 surprisegiphy 7.  No Unpleasant Surprises Here!  Says Lauren, “I don’t feel confident when I am unsure of my plans.  When you are prepared, you always feel confident.  Always prepare!”


550_energizer-bunny8.   Not A Lazy Bone In That Body!  “I hope my energy is contagious.  I hope that others see what I am excited about, and use that to motivate themselves.”  

fahsiongiphy9.  She’s Got Style:  
Lauren says you can never go wrong with black pants, a black blazer, a basic shirt and a great necklace.  

laurenberger10.  Rejection Is Not Dejection   Lauren inspired us never to give up.  I loved her attitude that rejection is all a part of the road to success.  As she said, “Rejection is awful, but it is here to stay.  Rejection means you are on the right track.”  She told us that she was rejected 117 times.  It took four years of her pushing to get her college tour sponsored by Target to happen, but she didn’t give up until it became a reality.  







11. No Excuses Lauren taught us to FIO (Figure It Out).   She motivated us to forget the excuses and just get it done.  



Screenshot 2015-09-29 17.56.36

12.  She Is So “Fit To Lead”  “To me, She’s Fit to Lead means finding your inner strength so you can change the world and make things happen.”  

Thanks Lauren!

To learn more about Lauren check out internqueen.com.  To subscribe to She’s Fit to Lead click [here].  

Hallie Salko is a student at UW-Madison.




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