June 13 2017

Soap Can Save Lives Too

Hand in Hand Soap is a company that makes great smelling bath and body products. Hand and Hand starts with a simple mission: with every product purchase Hand in Hand donates a bar of soap and one month of clean water to children who are in need. How great is that?

What exactly is Hand in Hand Soap?

Hand in Hand is a sustainable soap company with a social mission: for every product purchased, Hand in Hand donates one bar of soap and one month of clean water to a child in need.

What is your mission?

Our mission is to create beautiful & sustainable products that also give back to the world. Our products have never contained palm oil. The environmental effects of the palm oil industry are vast, with the two most harmful impacts being large scale forest conversions and loss of critical habitat for endangered species. Our commitment to sustainability and the environment is unwavering, though it meant having a pricier product when we launched. I’m really proud of how we stuck to our guns, even though it might have taken us longer to get to where we are today. We stood by what we believed in and in the end, it paid off.

What inspired you to start Hand in Hand?

In 2011, our founders, Courtney Apple and Bill Glaab, stumbled upon an article stating 5 million children die each year from water related illnesses. After some research, they learned that 45% of these deaths could be prevented with simple hand washing alone and Hand in Hand Soap was born!

Can you tell us about the organization you are working with?

Sure! We partner with the non-profit organization, My Neighbor’s Children, for all of our donations. They have been working in Haiti for over 25 years and know the country well. They help us with regular distributions of soaps in orphanages, planning for the building of wells and navigating all the complexities that come with both.

Are your products sold in store?

Our products are sold in independent boutiques nationwide and you can find our bar soaps in Target stores across the country!

Do you have a favorite product you sell?

Besides the bar soaps (which are THE BEST!!), my absolute favorite product is our sugar scrub. Expertly crafted using extra fine sugar, shea butter and coconut oil, this product leaves my skin feeling silky smooth and smelling divine.

What is the hardest part about running Hand in Hand?

Everything about running a business is hard! For us, the hardest part is staying on top of everything, but especially product development. You are under an intense time crunch to release new products several times a year and everything overlaps. While you are in the final stages with one product and working on the launch, you are also working to create the next wave of products or scents so they are ready for the next release date. It’s never ending! But when you have the right team in place and everyone is working towards the same goal, it is incredibly rewarding and helps to keep us going when things get tough!

How do you spread the word about your company?

We spread the word about Hand in Hand using various PR and Marketing channels. We also use our social media accounts to engage with customers, make special announcements and partner with other like-minded brands. Our favorite way people hear about us though is through word of mouth! Nothing better than someone loving your products so much that they tell other people about them : )

Do you have a success story you can share with us?

Our biggest success so far has definitely been getting into Target. It has allowed us to reach more people than we ever thought possible, which allows us to donate more soaps and clean water to people in need. And it is so exciting to see our products displayed in a mass market store, next to other brands we admire.

Your business is almost run completely by women; can you tell us what Shes Fit to Lead means to you?

We love the idea behind She’s Fit to Lead! It is so important to instill in woman their value in the workplace, without having to sacrifice the other things that might matter to them, like starting a family. Sites like Fit to Lead show younger women that their dreams are possible! In this age of technology, I think the most exciting thing we are seeing is the empowerment of people, especially women. If you are not happy with your job or not finding the right work environment that meets your needs, then create it yourself! I’m already thrilled to see great businesses run by women who went out on their own because they weren’t finding what they wanted in the traditional work world. I think we are going to see a lot more innovation and creation out of the women who are in college now. So let’s go ladies – start something! We will all be here supporting you throughout the ride : )

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