July 21 2015

Sink, Swim or Be Lunch!

Here are our top 5 reasons that you should go for a swim today:


1. That’s right!  It’s that time again.  Sharknado 3 premiers tomorrow night.  How you gonna get away if you can’t swim?

swim2. It’s Swim Week!  This is the ultimate hotter than hot, Miami in the blazing sun, swimwear fashion week.  Lots of cute styles.  Lots of celebs.  Makes us want to jump in the pool.

3.  It’s hot out!  Duh!!  It’s summer. beach

4. You’re already at the beach.  It’s hot (see #3).  The ocean is cool!  But watch for sharks (see #1).

5.  It’s an amazing workout for your mind and your body.  Great calorie burner.  Low impact.  And a full body workout.  Go ahead, Google and check it out, or you can do what we did and ask an expert.  Listen to what Kylie Holden, a recent graduate of Johns Hopkins University and a member of the JHU varsity swim team had to say:

I have been swimming my whole life, and too me it’s more than just a great full body work out or a sport, it’s a way of life. Swimming in college was definitely a challenge, but it taught me a lot about time management, dedication, and perseverance. Practice became the time for me to clear my mind of all other stressors in my life and just focus on one goal. When the practice got hard, it came down to mental strength to push yourself every lap. Swimming is who I am, it made me physically and mentally strong. I will always be a swimmer.”

Thanks Kylie for inspiring us!


Happy Swimming,



Kylie Holden, a neuroscience major at JHU, led her team to the state championship meet four times, being named team swimmer of the year as a senior.  She also played water polo for three years, leading her team to a state championship.

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