13 October 2015

SFTL Exclusive Items

To purchase any of our items, email us your name, shipping address and any other information required (size, color, etc.)  at info@shesfittolead.com, and Venmo your payment to us (@randi-salko).  
To use a member discount code, simply include it in your email.  Your exclusive member discount codes can be found in Insight, our weekly newsletter for members or you can subscribe for free [here] to receive an email with all of our codes:
Shop our Tees: Get the latest styles along with some SFTL inspiration. 
100% cotton and exclusively ours.  Available in two styles as shown below.  $39 for non-members, and $33 with your member discount.  NOW $27 for non-members, $23 for members.  Please specify in your email which quote (Keeping it Real or Choose to Shine) and what size (Small or Medium).
choosetoshinetee 1
Shop Our Stickers: A SFTL Exclusive! High quality Custom Die Cut Skins.
Quotes are 3×3, SFTL graphic is 2×2. $3.75 for a set of 4 or $3.00 with your discount code.
keeping it realchoose to shinesweatlogo sticker