August 11 2015

Serving Up Confidence – 5 Ways That Tennis Actually Makes You Confident

tennis (1)Summer time is tennis time!  The outdoor tennis season is in full swing.  Wimbledon ended with us celebrating the Serena Slam, and the U.S. Open, one of New York’s major see and be seen summer events, is just around the corner.  

You probably already know the incredible health benefits to tennis.  It’s an amazing full body workout.  You can tone your legs and arms, give your heart a workout, build your endurance and burn a ton of calories all at the same time.  But did you know that tennis is also an amazing way to build your confidence?  

Follow She’s Fit to Lead’s 5 easy steps to serving up confidence and using your tennis game to tone both your mind and your body, and you will walk off the court feeling Fit to Lead:

  1. #ConnectToConfidence – Tennis is a mental game as much as it is physical.  Work on staying focused and staying in the game.  Show yourself just how strong your mind is and how well you can (literally) stay on point.
  2. Choose to Shine – What’s your specialty shot?  Do you have a killer serve?  A surprise drop shot?  An amazing backhand slice?  Whatever it is, make it your trademark, and when the opportunity arises, go for it!
  3. Inspire Others – A great thing about tennis is that it’s a chance to make others feel good about themselves too.  Compliment your doubles partner and even your opponent on great shots and well played points.  The pros do.  You can too.whiteworkoutoutfit
  4. Express Your Own Leadership Style – Whether muscular like Serena or long, lean and leggy like Sharapova, the pros always manage to look amazing on the court.  Why?  Because they dress for themselves with their own sense of style.  Don’t pick the trendiest outfit, but the one that you feel best in, and you’ll walk onto that court (and off no matter what the outcome) feeling like a star.  
  5. Keep It Real – At SFTL, we believe that a key to confidence is being yourself.  The same applies in tennis.  Play the way that’s right for you.  Love to compete?  Match play is for you.  Consider trying out for a club, community or school team if you have the time.  Want to play for the workout with no pressure?  Find a cardio tennis clinic where it’s really more about fitness and less about keeping score.  Happy just to hit and work on improving your strokes?  Find like minded players that are on your same page.  Maybe even consider some group lessons.  There’s no right or wrong here.  Do what feels good for you (which may even be all of the above depending on the day), and you will walk onto that court feeling confident every time!tennis


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