April 21 2016

Scholarships for Confidence

“I’ve got 99 problems” but paying for college is most of them. 


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Housing, 12-15 credit hours, lab fees, books, and a repair or two are pretty much what my parents see when tuition season rolls around the corner in August, January and May. 


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Regardless if you chose to commute to school from home, stay in state, or go out of state to attend college, you’re facing some sort of dollar sign. Whether that be textbooks or anything else you’re paying for, a little free cash can never hurt. Yes, you read that right:



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There are numerous scholarships only awarded to women, and here’s some of them.

There are always scholarship opportunities available through your school, sorority or area of involvement or employment, such as honor societies, clubs, or Starbucks. If you take the time to look for scholarships, you’ll find they’re very easy to come across –even easier than hidden Mickeys at Disney World. In addition to those for your extracurriculars, there are scholarships relating to what you’re majoring and minoring in. And to apply for a scholarship, all you need is faith and trust in yourself and some Pixie dust on your essay.


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Here is a list of some essays from wscholarships.com -I highly recommend making a profile to this website- they have some unique categories, like duck calls. I didn’t know you could get a scholarship for that.

  1. Advancing Women in STEM
    This annual scholarship will award $6,000 to a full-time college student studying science, technology, engineering or math who has proven to need financial aid. Application due: Dec. 31
  2. The Floyd Mayweather Jr. Foundation
    Women who are pursuing a degree in sports or entertainment are eligible for one of four $1,000 awards. Application due: varies
  3. Asian Women in Business
    Asian or Pacific Islander women can apply for this $2,500 scholarship. Applicants must be full-time students at an accredited four-year university and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Application due: Oct. 1
  4. Automotive Women’s Alliance Foundation
    Four awards of $2,500 will be distributed to women who are enrolled in a college or university. Application due: varies
  5. Buildium’s Women in Technology
    One woman pursuing a degree in product design, interaction design, UX design, or computer science are eligible will receive a $2,500 scholarship. Application due: April 15.
  6. Girls Impact the World Film Festival
    Seven $5,000 scholarships will be given to women who submit 3-5 minute short films that focus on global issues. Application due: Jan. 15
  7. “No Essay” Scholarship
    This $2,000 scholarship is awarded monthly to a student who will be enrolled in the next 12 months. Application due: April 30
  8. Unlimited Cellular Scholarship Program
    This $1,800.00 scholarship is for one to write about their online shopping experience. Application due: November 30th,

So dust off your resumes and old volunteer activities and get to those applications. 


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